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WCW Lady Boss Weekly Feature: Emily Weiss


Happy Woman Crush Wednesday! Women empowerment comes first. This weekly lady boss feature will focus on the profiles, stories, and interviews of women entrepreneurs and business leaders. Our goal is to connect and inspire like-minded women across all industries.

This week’s lady boss feature is Emily Weiss, Founder and CEO of Glossier. Glossier is both a successful beauty and a tech company given the way they co-create with their customers.

In an episode of Kara Swisher's podcast Recode Decode, Emily Weiss discussed about building a people-powered ecosystem that makes Glossier a unique kind of company. Emily mentioned that Glossier relies heavily on user-generated content and feedback which shows how deeply devoted they are to their customers. 

If you're interested in knowing more about Emily Weiss and her company, Glossier, watch the full interview video below.



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