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5 great places for Brunch in Austin

juan-in-a-million.jpgBrunch is a meal that exists between worlds. It's too late and relaxed to be breakfast, too early and essential for lunch. As ethereal as the astral plane, brunch helps us relax and reset. It's one last hurrah before the week starts. In Austin, the simple migas is a fixture, with black beans, eggs and tortillas, and it's delicious. But there's more out there than just eggs. Even when it's just eggs, there's something more. Often locally sourced and sustainable, the passion and the dedication of each chef in each restaurant shines through in a big way.

Juan in a Million

Big appetites rejoice. Juan in a Million specializes in Mexican breakfast, serving generous portions of delicious food. The restaurant was featured on the notorious Food Channel program Man Vs. Food for its Don Juan challenge: a secret mixture of potatoes, eggs, cheese, and bacon with fresh hot tortillas. This mountain of delicious breakfast is not for the faint of heart, but is well worth a try. Besides, if you're not up for the challenge, you can just order one and leave it at that.



Curras' brunch menu is well worth a trip on it's own, but to make it really worthwhile order the legendary avocado margarita. This truly original cocktail is wonderfully cool and beautifully subtle, but pair it with ceviche or migas and it makes for a brunch to remember. Curras is a unique dining experience representative of a unique city.



A self described "classic American bar and restaurant," Irene's is a hip diner and bar, that retains a subtle charm in spite of itself. Catch brunch on a nice morning, and you can enjoy the understated patio. A simple meal of "biscuits and booze," choose from their signature biscuits, or go on Sunday for "Reggae All Day" and try the jerk chicken for a less traditional start to your morning.


Salt & Time

Salt & Time started as a butcher shop, catering to choosey connoisseurs, but has evolved into a full upscale restaurant. Their commitment to quality shines through in their use of locally sourced and sustainable meat, as well as the aforementioned in house butcher. Meals range from the classic southwestern migas, to biscuits and gravy, to the local pork chop. Salt & Time is simple and elegant, taking food back to it's roots. The menu varies, and a reservation is recommended.


24 Diner

The 24 Diner, located in downtown Austin, was inspired by the classic diners of the 50's and 60's. It offers a hip new take on an old classic, a philosophy that's evident as much in the decor as it is the food. Locally sourced food prepared perfectly by an expert staff, led by chef Andrew Curren. You're not going to go wrong, no matter what you get, but the frittatas are an excellent option for any indecisive diners out there.

There are hundreds of excellent restaurants in Austin, and it can be overwhelming. A recurring theme of love and passion is present wherever you go. These five are all superb starting places for your week, or final feasts for the long flight home. You'll leave with a wonderful taste in your mouth.