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7 of our favorite Things To Do On Sunday Morning in Austin

cycling-in-austin-on-sunday-morning.jpgSunday morning in Austin is often the extension of the Saturday night before, especially for visitors. Whether you are still up or whether you are waking up, you will need to start with some strong coffee, perhaps...

  • Patika, 4th Street & Congress
  • Dominican Joe, South Congress
  • Mozart’s Coffee Roasters, if you feel like grabbing a short ride out to lake Austin you can sit on the deck and watch the lake wake up.


When it’s time for food there really is only one place to go if time is limited: Magnolia Café – open 24/7 and cheap – opened in 1979 on Lake Austin Blvd, then on South Congress. The place is an institution where, on any given Sunday, you will find locals and musicians, along with travelers from around the world. The word has long since gotten out. Texas food with that Mexican influence...

  • Three Alarm Taco – Scrambled eggs, potato, cheddar/jack cheese and jalapeño with chipotle sauce in a flour tortilla.
  • Love Migas – scrambled eggs in spicy butter (garlic and serrano) with tomato, onion, bell pepper, tortilla chips and jack cheese.
  • Huevos Rancheros – Eggs any style on a corn tortilla with rojas and cheddar/jack cheese.
  • Eggscape – Eggs over medium, served over a mini mountain of seasoned home fries and sausage, topped with cheddar/jack cheese.
  • Lox and Bagel – For the Yankee traditionalist.


Walking off a Texas breakfast is the choice of many locals. The footpath that runs the full length of the bank of the Brazos River is a hotspot on Sunday morning. You can take a leisurely stroll while local speed walkers and runners rush by. Be aware that this is very family-friendly town and as the morning wears on there will be more and more children around, but the early mornings are for grown-ups.


Austin is a huge biking city and those folks are serious: some are professionals so they know all the training routes well. If you prefer biking and if you are not that hardcore, it is a good idea to stick to the dedicated public lanes provided all over the city. There are bikes to rent downtown and on the lake.


Others enjoy the early morning rowing and kayaking on the Brazos River. The breeze in your face might be just the ticket if rowing is your thing. Boats can be rented on the river.


One of the most inviting things about Texas – for those who like to be outdoors – is that it generally warmer longer. If you want to take a swim and you don’t want to do it in the hotel pool, you can catch a ride out to Barton Springs. Join the locals in the world famous natural spring. It’s not far and there are lots of options for transportation.


If you like to drive, renting a car, grabbing some coffee and donuts and heading up into the hill country for a few hours may be the way to go. Traffic around Austin can be dense during the week, but if you get out on the road early on a Sunday you will get the opportunity to know what Willie Nelson and Lyle Lovett are singing about. The horizons on an open road are spectacular.


Austin is a city that thrives on its uniqueness and the liberty it provides all who come there to create their own itinerary. It is a watering hole for people of all nations and ethnicities and the city makes a point of welcoming everyone to have a great time!

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