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Anthos Brings Hybrid and Multi-Cloud to APAC


In this year's Google Cloud Next, which took place on April 2019, Google announced an incredible new addition to its portfolio in the form of Anthos. Anthos is the Google Cloud open platform that will allow businesses of all sizes and industries run their applications wherever they need to, with both simplicity and security. With a focus on the Google mantra of open-standards flexibility, Anthos allows businesses to run their unmodified apps either on existing on-prem hardware environments or in the public cloud space.

Additionally, there are capabilities built into the Anthos framework that help companies to automate their security and policy standards at a significant scale across all deployments, through the Config Management tool. This addition to the Google portfolio is designed to accelerate the application development process and give teams a set of aligned modern tools where they can learn, innovate, and discover. The Anthos environment also provides users with transformational technologies to bring into their business, such as microservices, service mesh environments, and containers, that prevent you from being restricted to any single cloud space. 

Digital Transformation for All Businesses

As businesses everywhere continue to move forward into an age of digital transformation, Google is listening to the needs and expectations of its customers. For instance, Google clients recently share that they need to be able to modernize their workloads from existing on-prem solutions to cloud tools. To support that flexibility, Google delivered Migrate for Anthos - a solution which allows businesses to take their VMs in the Google Compute Engine, or in on-premise environments, and move them into the Kubernetes Engine instead. 

Google has also announced that it will be expanding the list of supported data sources so that businesses can migrate their VMs from Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2 into the GKE too. With this expanded launch, clients in the Google Cloud Platform will be able to use migrate for the Anthos feature to automatically update and transform their VMs. You can move your VMs into containers without having to worry about any complicated manual processes commonly associated with traditional modernization strategies. The new approach will also give users more flexibility to modernize infrastructure investments with ease - taking advantage of both past tools and future software. 

Google's Migrate service means that you don't have to write off any of your old investments, but you still gain a wealth of benefits and automation options, such as the option to no longer manually maintain or patch your own OS. 

Currently, Atos - the system with one of the largest presences in the Japan region, has been using Migrate for Anthos to see great results for its hybrid cloud journey. Google has a case study from Atos that explains how containers have been a valuable part of the company's digital transformation strategy posted on their site. 

Expanding into APAC 

As businesses of all sizes from all backgrounds continue to embrace the flexibility of a multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud strategy, Google is finding more ways to expand its position in the cloud environment. Unlike other providers, Google has always put flexibility at its core, which has helped it to attract the attention of brands like NTT Communications - one of the largest telecoms providers in the Asia Pacific region to adopt the Anthos strategy into their roadmap. 

NTT Communications became one of the earliest customers to embrace Anthos in Japan when it was announced for the first time in April 2019. Since that time, the company has been embarking on an exciting proof of concept journeys with system integrators and medical institutions to analyze just how helpful Migrate might be to helping businesses get into the flexible cloud environment for the first time and use their data to their advantage too. Google has a worldwide roadmap in place to make sure that it can deliver its cloud solutions to customers all around the globe today, whether you're looking for basic Google Cloud strategies or something like Anthos for a multi-cloud strategy. 

Case studies from NTT Communications and Atos show that it's possible for the Anthos environment to give Google customers a more streamlined and simple path into the cloud world - whether they want to stick with a single cloud provider or use a hybrid environment that combines their on-premise and off-premise solutions. 

Technologies like Anthos are here to help businesses migrate to the cloud in a way that suits them. Google also offers guidance on how to use Anthos in their Migrate for Anthos pages.