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Analyze your marketing performance with HubSpot


By analyzing your marketing performance, you can monitor your marketing progress towards your business goals, assess market strength and weaknesses, optimize ROI and maximize effectiveness. Having access to this type of information can influence key decisions within your organization. 

With the help of HubSpot Marketing tools, you can analyze your business marketing performance much easier. Here are some of the features HubSpot can bring to the table:


Understand your marketing dashboard

With your HubSpot marketing dashboard, you can create, manage and view activity on dashboard. You can create new dashboards for different purposes, share dashboards to your team, delete existing dashboards, and organize related reports together.


Use the sources report 

Your site traffic is measured by Hubspot, and you can analyze the data with the traffics analytics tool. Analyze your traffic sources with the Sources tab in the traffic analytics tool. This tab shows you where your visitors are coming from. You can see how HubSpot categorizes different traffic metrics into sources.


Create an attribution report and custom reports

You can create and use attribution reports to track the success of your inbound marketing efforts. With custom reports, you freedom and more flexibility in analyzing objects and activities in your HubSpot account.


Create a new reports dashboard 

With HubSpot, you can create new reports dashboards and customize their reports for your personal use. To share a dashboard with others users in your HubSpot account, you can just simply edit its visibility. Moreover, you can also clone dashboards that are visible to you and delete dashboards you've created to reduce clutter.



Now that you are knowledgeable with the different marketing tools made possible to analyze your marketing performance, let Apps Admins help you get the most out of HubSpot. Reach your full potential by learning the step-by-step creation process! See how it's like with a 14-Day Free Trial.


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