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Austin Doesn't Have Uber or Lyft - Use These Apps Instead. #MES16


Austin is a very tech savvy town and everybody loves a new app, but Austin voters sacked Uber and Lyft. Here are some great alternatives in addition to Capital Metro, our bus system and various bike and car rental programs it's easy to get around in Austin (with a little patience for traffic.)


This month Coolhead Tech's Apps Admins welcome The Channel Company's Mid-Size Enterprise Summit to Austin!  While we work nationwide, Austin is home - We hope you find this information helpful.  Welcome! 


This year Austinites voted for stricter safety regulations for ride-sharing programs like Uber and Lyft.  We were dismayed that these Silicon Valley companies chose to withdraw from the city rather than work with Austinites to provide stricter background checks and fingerprinting...


Meanwhile.....Here's how to get around with the top Ride-sharing Apps in Austin



Ride Austin

RideAustin is a non-profit rideshare built for the Austin community. We offer the ability to 'round-up' your fare for local charities and organizations. We also automatically donate a % of all of our SUV and Premium fares to offer free rides to the elderly, veterans and to help the underprivileged get to work. RideAustin now covers the entire greater Austin area



HAIL A CAB is the fastest way to catch a cab! With just a few taps on your smartphone, a licensed taxi driver in a city regulated vehicle will be on its way to your location. Features Include: •Locate cabs in real time – you will be able to see the closest available cabs near your location and even get an estimated time for pick-up before you book your trip. •Track the progress of your cab from the map on your smartphone. If needed, you can even call the driver from the HAIL A CAB app.



Through scheduled rides and preferred driver selection, FARE allows riders and drivers to build a relationship based on excellent service and trust. FARE passengers know they will have a safe ride every time because we understand your journey is just an important as your destination.




Can someone just get me something? Or get me somewhere? Whether you couldn’t get it yourself or get there yourself, we’ve all been there. Get Me combines rides and deliveries into one great app experience. Get it now at the touch of a button!