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describe the imageOne month into Austin's Bag Ban and one former resident who refers to himself as "The Plastic Bag Man" has announced his "virtual return" in a You-Tube video manifesto.

You may remember the Plastic Bag people, or "monsters" as some referred to them before being banned, from a March 2012 "Campaign for the Environment." (http://www.kxan.com/dpp/news/local/austin/council-to-take-vote-on-plastic-bags )

kvue rotunda 3BagBan032013

For a year the Plastic bag people, Plastic bag man included, pushed to get themselves and all plastic bags banned from Austin.  

Just before he left, Plastic Bag man started a free trial of Google Apps for Business with Coolhead Tech.  With Austin's plastic bag ban going into effect Plastic Bag man needed a new way to promote his singing career.  With Google Apps for Business Plastic Bag man launched a new Youtube channel,responds to fans more efficiently via Gmail and collaborates with his team of Plastic Bag people nationwide With Hangouts and Google Drive.

Why Google Apps for Business?

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Austinites are proud of their committment to the environment and moving to Google Apps for business is an eco-friendly choice that thousands of Austin businesses have already taken. Google Apps provides efficiency in the cloud and that means energy savings in Austin.  A business using Gmail can decrease its environmental impact by up to 98%. In fact, small businesses with less than 50 people can save up to 172.8 kWh of energy and 101.6 kg of carbon per user per year by using Gmail instead of locally-hosted email. (source: http://www.google.com/green/products/ )


Plastic Bag Man Announces his Virtual Return to Austin