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Here's Why Schools are Going Google

google-apps-for-education-users.jpgOur world is rapidly changing—thanks, in part, to the technology of data management. Businesses have had to 'up their game' in order to compete. Education is now following suit. Schools must rise to the challenge of keeping pace with new standards and providing students with the tools necessary to learn. Teachers must develop new methods of tracking student's progress and challenging them to increase their skill level. Fortunately, GSuite Apps can help students, teachers and administrators transition to new methodology.


GSuite Apps for Education Suite

The Google Classroom app is central to classroom management. While it does not replace the teacher, the Classroom app makes her job much easier than traditional methods. With it, she can create assignments, distribute them to the students, offer feedback and store the information, all instantly. The students can access the assignment, ask questions, and submit their work. Other apps in the Education Suite include Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Sites. Students can use these services to collaborate on projects, store their work, track their progress, and more.


School Technology Budget Constraints

When it comes to education, money is always an issuean issue, however, that can be mitigated via GSuite Apps. Services are completely free and include round the clock technical support. Teachers can collaborate with ease to create a rich curriculum, augmented by thousands of apps that are free or low cost. Chromebooks and tablets are very reasonably priced and students can share devices by using their unique log on. Apps are ad-free, to provide the best learning environment for the students.


Affordable Training for GSuite

Districts do not need to pay for expensive training programs to prepare teachers and administrators to use GSuite Apps for Education tools. Training is not only online, but completely free. Training modules include Fundamentals Training, Advanced Training, Devices Training and Trainer Training. Fundamental training helps instructors integrate GSuite Apps into their classrooms by introducing basic tools. Advanced training takes the program to the next level with realistic strategies. Devices training allows instructors to show students how to use tablets and Chromebooks to their fullest potential. Trainer Essential certification will open the door to additional opportunities with Google.


Expanding the Education Community

GSuite Apps for Education connects professionals around the world through Google Educator Groups (GEGs) to accommodate continued learning, sharing, inspiration and empowerment. These groups are completely managed by professionals within the community, not Google employees. The forums are free, open to all educators. They provide a platform in which to meet new colleagues and discuss technological tools and advancements.


Maximizing Education Resources

Online resources, projects and documents eliminate the need for as much storage space as traditional methods. Google estimates teachers can save themselves up to 52 working hours per year at no additional cost to them or the district. That means more attention to teaching and less to planning. Perhaps most importantly, GSuite Apps for Education fosters the affinity 21st Century students have for technology, letting them learn their way! 


America led industrialized countries in the educational levels of its citizens through most of the 20th century, but as the 21st century progresses, the United States continues to drop in rank. Nine countries now exceed the United States in likelihood of tertiary degrees. If we are to maintain a position of power and authority in the world, America must rise to the challenges presented by an ailing educational system. You can bolster that system and empower your teachers and administrators with GSuite Apps for Education. Contact the experts at CoolheadTech to learn more.