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The Growing Importance of IT Channel Conferences

it-channel-conf-importance.pngConferences are where expanding and evolving businesses in the IT sector find the strategies and solutions they need to outshine their competitors and embrace some of the most productive and efficient tools on the market.


Vendor Hosted Events Provide Exclusive Insight and Knowledge in a Controlled Environment.

When it comes to IT conferences we love us some Google Next, Dreamforce and Microsoft Ignite. These events are mind blowingly awesome, but not without their downside.

presentation of Google Container Engine at a conferenceVendor-hosted events offer exclusive access to all the social information and news that's crucial to understanding this age of digital transformation, particularly before, during, and after events like AWS re:invent, Dreamforce, Microsoft Ignite, and Google Next. These are the conferences that deliver important information from major Cloud and IT Channel ecosystems in the form of product insights and collaboration opportunities for businesses embracing their core ecosystem.

These unique events are carefully orchestrated and tightly curated, sparing no expense to give you the very best views of their company, product and roadmap. The people behind these conferences take care to invite and present only the providers that have achieved the most success using proven solutions that provide value for the core ecosystem product.

The issue with this form of conference is that the events are so huge, and so tightly controlled, that it can be difficult for disruptive providers to participate beyond the level of participant. This means you'll need to actively seek out these innovators, and you could miss the opportunities available because finding the networking opportunities that are right for you becomes akin to searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack.


Media & Analyst based IT Channel Conferences and Expos Provide a Multi-Cloud POint of View.

So, what can a savvy CIO or MSP do to gain a unique perspective outside of vendor-hosted events? How about Vendor sponsored events or events where a vendor’s customer or executive is speaking?

Third party conferences like CompTIA's ChannelCon, Channel Partners Evolution, xChange, or the upcoming NexGen Conference present the perfect solution - particularly for a vendor perspective. IT Channel conferences like this offer more neutral perspectives and give you a wider insight into a variety of vendors, speakers, ideas, and technology topics.

While these conferences might not get the same ‘fanboy’ infused social media attention like some of the bigger events on the market, they do give you a more intimate, engaging, pragmatic and big-picture IT Channel perspective, as well as a larger variety of vendors to interact with, and an easier chance to find your slingshot opportunities.

Let's take the NexGen Conference as an example. This event, held at LA Live this year is considered the must-attend, end-of-year experience, for the IT channel. Designed for solution providers who want to take the next step in digital transformation, the NexGen Conference pushes attendees ahead of the pack, by providing them with new solutions for driving profits and revenue.

As an attendee of NexGen, you can find multi-cloud, IoT and AI partners, advanced strategies, and amazing technologies to upgrade your value proposition, and help you get the most out of your position as a service provider, with insights from across the IT channel.

 A Short List of leading IT vendors sponsoring the upcoming Nexgen Conference in Los Angeles:

  • IBM

  • Lenovo

  • Ruckus

  • Datto

  • Auvik

  • Tech Data

  • VMWare

  • Intermedia

  • Pax8

  • Samsung


The NexGen Cloud Conference and Disruptive Innovation

Today's vendors are constantly battling against rising demands in the world of digital transformation. As customers move faster, vendors need to bring new technologies to market at speeds that require a constant level of support and innovation. IT Channel conferences like NexGen are designed to give partners the insights they need during these disruptive times.

This year, NexGen is focusing on countless important technology tracks such as:

  • Cloud computing: Where you can find the solutions designed to boost the performance of your business, including the multi-cloud strategy.
  • Big Data and IoT: Where vendors can discover the true potential of the latest -connective technology, connecting with partners from across the industry.
  • Security: Where you can discover the technologies and partnerships that defend your brand against cyber-attacks.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Where vendors can uncover the true opportunities of AI, and how machine learning can take their value proposition to the next level.

It's an ideal opportunity for everyone from service providers to cloud brokers, system integrators, cloud application providers, VARs, MSPs, and more.


What’s unique about conferences like ChannelCo’s NexGen? Multiple eco-systems, One Channel.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect to NexGen Conference, and the reason we've chosen to focus on it in our discussion of third-party events is its ability to bring multiple technology ecosystems under one channel community. Key to the community creation are its round tables and tech talks. For those who haven’t been, tech talks are simply a more intimate type of vendor presentation, where you can interact, while round tables are just that, very intimate discussions with IT partners on specific technologies.



Tech Talks, round table discussions and multiple points of view highlight the trend in IT Conferences.


The session we're most looking forward to this year, is "Session III: Capitalize on the Multi-Cloud Trend", which takes place on Tuesday the 12th of December between 1:45 and 2:15 pm. In a world where 77% of businesses, 86% of enterprises, and 48% of IT decision makers appreciate the value of a multi-cloud strategy, now is the perfect time to dive into the essential information that makes these solutions so effective.

It's hard to deny that we're in the midst of a major turning point in the way that technology can be used in business. Leaders need to start thinking more effectively about the solutions they need to connect with their customers and partners on a more versatile level, and a multi-cloud strategy could be the answer.With multi-cloud, CIOs can:

  • Adopt business continuity in a disruptive marketplace: Because a multi-cloud solution provides the highest level of redundancy, it protects against downtime and other problems in today's highly-transformative digital world.

  • Stop IT vendor lock-in. Multi-Cloud allows CIOs to avoid the issues that come with locking all their strategies in with a specific vendor. This way, you make all the choices regarding sales cycles, technical roadmaps, and more.

  • Design the infrastructure that works for your Enterprise. With the best tools at your disposal, you can design a cloud deployment that works specifically according to the needs of your business. There's no need for a one-size-fits-all strategy.

Third-party IT conferences and expos could allow you to tap into the case studies and innovative information that truly allow you to take advantage of business-transforming solutions like multi-cloud. With insights, networking opportunities, and information that can't be accessed anywhere else, attending conferences like NexGen for an inside scoop is one of your biggest weapons in the age of digital transformation.


More Information & Registration:   NexGen Conference & Expo in Los Angeles