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How to Make Your Business Awesome with Google Workspace


Google Apps for Business, Google Suite of Apps, and eventually Google Workspace (G Suite), the name has evolved over the years as the functionality of this software has grown more important to businesses. In essence, the software is a group of important business productivity tools all hosted in an online cloud. This includes Gmail, Google Docs, Drive, Calendar and central administrative control capabilities.

Why use Google Workspace (G Suite)? The first thing you get is a customized email that allows your emails to stand out and look more professional. Listed below are some of the other reasons why your business should rely on Google Workspace (G Suite).  

Make IT Together!

Team collaboration is one of the core features that Google Workspace (G Suite) enhances through its wide array of tools. Your team spends 74% of their time in Docs, Sheets and Slides doing collaborative work. They can create content and make changes which are reflected online instantly. Other members can see the content created immediately and make any necessary changes. 

The files are stored together on shared spaces where the respective teams can access them seamlessly. This means that your employees can work from any part of the globe but still handle company content together. With Google Hangout Meet, you can hold meetings with your employees online regardless of their location on the planet. 



Make IT Smart! 

Is there anything more annoying than when someone fails to do the work you need done correctly. Actually what can be even more frustrating is when you have to wait until they download, edit and then re-upload the work. The back and forth process shaves valuable productivity time off your company. You probably have had instances where you had to send or receive files labeled as “final version 2” as the need for editing increases. 

However, with Google Workspace (G Suite), every member of your team can access and edit the files simultaneously. This eliminates the need for a back and forth in corrections as you can highlight the essential changes, and the respective team members make them immediately. The work is saved on the cloud immediately the edits are done without a need for manual saving as with offline files. Hence, even if there is a power outage or the computer used crashes, the changes that had been made are active and can be accessed by other team members. 

Your Google Workspace (G Suite) Gmail domain will resemble your organization’s name, making your business more credible in the marketplace. Clients will remember it easily, and the uniformity creates a sense of credibility, making your brand set its pace in the industry. The recognition allows your business to enjoy some dominance that it would never have gotten before. Also, advanced features can allow you to filter out spam and keep junk mail out of your inbox. 

Access the files from your laptop or even using your mobile phone when you are on the go. This makes it easier for you and your team members to get any files stored in your company’s Google Drive. The files are always stored in the cloud and their mobile compatibility makes them easier to access and work on. 



Make IT Fast!

Google Workspace (G Suite) apps are all integrated seamlessly. When you need to interview people, for instance, customers to get feedback on your products or services, you can do so quickly and easily using Google Forms Survey. Google Sheets collect the data making your analysis easier and timesaving because you will never have to use a lot of time interpreting or transforming such information. 

When getting new team members, they can migrate their old files, emails and calendars to your organization for faster coordination. 

Google Workspace (G Suite) also has a cloud search which employs the same technology used in Google’s search engine. The tool allows you to find whatever files or information you need within your organization. This is surely smarter than team members spending a whole day combing through files to search for information in your offline drives that might not even be available. 



Make IT Secure 

Malicious people can access your company’s files and other important details from your team members if they fail to institute great security measures. However, the central administrator in your organization’s Google Workspace (G Suite) keeps monitors logins and security breaches. They also issue security keys to ensure that only allow the right people to access company information. This is important when a team member has also lost their device or has been dismissed from the organization. 

There are fewer programs that you can find which have similar functions as Google Workspace (G Suite). The great thing about it is that you can take a package that fully suits your operations and upgrade later as your business scales up. Starting from Google Workspace (G Suite) Basic, you have a wide array of options to improve the way you do business and collaborate with your team. 


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