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Good News Box Customers: Migrating to G-Suite is Easy

Good News Box Customers

Migrating from one cloud platform to another isn't always easy. 

Let's face it, there's a lot of different data that you need to deal with, and sometimes, you can't always know for certain if all of your files are going to make the journey in one piece. This is particularly true when you don't have a custom migration strategy in place. 

Companies that have tried to use workarounds to migrate their processes from one environment to another in the cloud have frequently ended up with missing data and lost files. That's why Google introduced its G-Suite Migrate product in beta mode during March this year. 

While G-Suite Migrate originally launched with a handful of integrations with tools like Microsoft Office 365, Google has just announced a new partnership with the Box team too. That means that anyone who needs to move their files from Box to G-Suite can access the G-Suite Migrate system for an easier overall experience.


Why Use Google Migrate for Box?


There are plenty of third-party tools out there that claim to help enterprises with migrating between competing cloud-based services. However, nothing gives you quite the same experience as a first-party collaborative solution. 

The new first-party product from Google helps all admins in the app environment to manage effective and efficient migration products, whether they're dealing with just a handful of files or huge amounts of data. The G-Suite Migrate product comes from Google's previous acquisition of AppBridge back in 2017. It ensures that you can securely migrate large amounts of data from one environment to another without risking lost files. You can also track the health and performance of your migration process using G-Suite tools. 

The decision to add Box to the G-Suite Migration portfolio seems like an obvious choice for Google, who officially launched a collaboration between Google and Box in December 2018. The two cloud storage platforms announced that they would be providing an integrated experience for users back in July of 2018, but it wasn't until the end of the year that the full general availability collaboration became available. 


Building on a Valuable Partnership 


Despite competing features in their products, Google and Box have launched and maintained numerous partnerships over the years. The Box for G-Suite integration last year was just the most recent addition to that partnership, allowing Docs users to create, save, and edit their files from inside the Box environment. Google also has a similar partnership with Dropbox. 

Now, Google is taking the partnership one step further by ensuring that it's as easy as possible for administrators to move large amounts of data between services with as little stress and confusion as possible. The G-Suite Migration experience for bot will allow companies to avoid some of the most common pitfalls associated with data migration. What's more, it will also mean that users can continue to use their preferred cloud storage apps in a way that suits them. 


More Temptations for Enterprise Customers


With G-Suite Migrate, Box customers will be able to assess their source environments and plan key project milestones for their migration. You'll also be able to migrate valuable data more quickly into a new environment and identify project health according to your deadlines. 

The decision to expand the potential to use G-Suite Migrate within the cloud environment is an attempt by Google to tempt even more enterprise users into the Google environment. While for now, G-Suite Migrate is currently accessible via a limited beta program, that doesn't mean you can't make the most of it. Anyone who is signed up to G-Suite - as long as they're not using the nonprofit, education or basic edition, will be able to migrate from Box immediately. 

Currently, this is the only option that's available for migration to Box Enterprise users. However, one point worth noting is that your Box Notes won't be supported as part of the migration service - at least not yet. You'll have to contact Box or look for a workaround to make sure that you're keeping your Notes secure when you start moving over to G-Suite. 

The rest, however, will be a cinch, thanks to G-Suite Migrate.