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Monday Motivation: A Mobile Work Strategy for ACL Friday

acl-mobile-work-strategy.jpgCongratulations, we made it through another year! Austin City Limits is This Friday!  Here in Austin the annual music festival marks the welcome of cooler weather and the first break after about a month of folks returning to work and school from summer vacation.      Here's how to prep your work tech now to enjoy a Friday full of great music, friends and family and return to the office on Monday without hassle.



1.   Forward Your Emails - Don't Set your Out of Office.


There are two reasons to forward your emails to a colleague rather than set your out of office.   If you receive work email on your phone, it will distract you.  Bypassing you completely will also avoid notifications on your phone and allow you to reduce the amount of catchup work on Festover Day next Monday.







2.ring-central-call-forwarding.jpg   No Voicemail Monday - Route Your Calls with Style.


Most modern PBX systems allow for advanced call routing.  If you use RingCentral like us all you need to do is login at RingCentral and head to Call Handling and Forwarding.   Turn off Apps and add a couple of colleagues to simul-ring to make sure someone answers your calls   You can set up an advanced rule based on: Date and/or time of call, Caller ID, or the number called. These rules override your regular call-handling rules.







3.  Schedule Outbound emails and Social Media.


Marketing automation and integrations for Gmail that can schedule emails are a great resource for playing hookie from work.     We use Hubspot's Apps for marketing and sales automation which also allows us to schedule our social media posts and outbound emails.








4.  Find Me at KUTX @ The Four Seasons for a "Mobile Work Strategy"


red-coolhead-can-cooler.jpgThroughout the festival weekend you may need to use your mobile device for work, take a picture or whatnot.   Coolhead Tech's mobile work strategy provides the only solution to today's biggest technology challenges and presents true innovation to this generation's "Work the way you Live" lifestyle.  


Happy ACL WEEK Austin!
-Chris, Atul & Team.