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Safe and Sound: Google's New Security Center for G-Suite Enterprise


Copy of apps admin blogGoogle is all about making life easier for their customers. Whether it's customers using the search function to find important information online, or businesses transforming their companies with cloud-based technology, Google is there to offer support and guidance. In the enterprise world, the search giant knows just how important it is to put great security at the heart of everything an organization does. They believe that CIOs with a bird's-eye view over business components can more readily manage threats, and act based on important insights.

To help improve the security of the cloud and enterprise environment one step at a time, Google recently launched their "Security Center" for G Suite. This powerful data-driven tool combines actionable insights with analytics, best practices, and more to help protect users and organizations alike. For now, the system is only available to Enterprise users, but it comes with a host of services that help to maintain security and great performance within any business environment.

The Importance of Protecting Data Assets

As a technology innovator, Google understands the importance of investing in products that protect the sensitive assets and data of an organization. The organization recently rolled out features like improved phishing detection, created with the help of machine learning algorithms, along with other tools that help to prevent the leakage of data in the G Suite environment.

In 2017, Google also introduced a new feature for the G Suite that helps companies to determine which third-party applications should be given access to important user data. This feature gives admins the opportunity to develop a list of pre-approved apps with a solution called OAuth whitelisting, which means that only certain users will be able to tap into personal data on G-Suite at any given time.

With the latest security center offering, admins and executives in the digital world will be able to:

  • Access a snapshot overview of key security metrics presented on a simple user interface: Admins can enjoy intuitive insights into G-Suite behavior, including suspicious device activity, issues with malware and spam, and metrics that help to demonstrate the overall value of a security system.

  • Avoid potential threats: As any business owner will already know, when it comes to security, the best cure is prevention. With Google Security Center, admins can examine their security analytics and potentially flag threats so that team members can avoid them in the future. After all, if you know which team members are being targeted by phishing attacks, you'll know which people need to be the most careful.

  • Minimize risk with security health recommendations: Finally, Google doesn't just show you what's going on in your organization, it also gives you tips to help you improve your security too. The security health solution analyzes the existing state of a company's security measures and provides in-depth advice on how data is stored, and users are managed.

Creating an Overview of Internal Security

With an in-depth overview of insights, analytics, and best practices that can help to generate a stronger view of a company's position in the security world, Google is helping G Suite enterprise users to overcome many of the concerns that plague today's biggest brands. The addition of these new insights into the cloud computing world could make it easier for organizations to take the plunge and evolve their ecosystems while staying one step ahead of any current or future risks to their environment. The additional features also make G Suite an attractive option for leaders and executives who are thinking about making the move to a more cost-effective software as a service model. Some features include:

  • Improved file exposure: Understand how files have been shared outside of your domain, and which shared files trigger security threats.

  • Encryption: Make sure that the messages sent by your domain can't be read by anyone but you with TLS encryption.

  • Authentication: Stay on top of any messages that don't meet with authentication standards such as DKIM, DMARC, and SPF.

  • Email delivery: See how many of your incoming messages have been accepted, and whether whitelisting allowed the delivery of dangerous messages.

  • User perception: Evaluate possible whitelists by reviewing if users have tagged messages delivered as phishing or spam.

A range of powerful additional features makes G Suite into an attractive option for the enterprise - perfect for business leaders who want to explore all the flexibility and scalability of the cloud.

A Proactive Approach to Security

A highly customizable approach to security means that all businesses can enjoy the advantages of the SaaS model without having to worry about constant exposure to threats. The new security center by Google also delivers G Suite's security health tool, which looks at the organization's existing security system and offers tips on how to boost security for data and employees within a team. Each of the G-Suite systems also has their own security setups, including:

  • Gmail: Which checks automatic email forwarding, POP/IMAP access, DMARC settings and more.

  • Drive: Applies policies around file sharing and offline availability with stringent sign-in requirements for users.

  • Hangouts: Checks out-of-domain hangouts and offerings warnings for all users.

  • Site sand Groups: Checks on group sharing options and allows public groups only in specific circumstances.

Staying Ahead of Future Threats

As terrifying as the security landscape might be today, the threats on the market are constantly evolving, meaning that brands must work hard to stay ahead of everything that's going on. With the support of the security center, analytics allow users to flag and identify potential threats. For instance, with the security center, it may be easier to figure out which people are being targeted by phishing attacks and set up extra protection for those individuals.

The security center is part of the G Suite enterprise edition and serves many of the 3.5 million companies that are already relying on G Suite to help them collaborate in a creative and secure way. If you're new to G Suite and you want help setting up the most secure experience, or you simply need assistance making the most of your system, reach out to Coolhead Tech today!