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Google's got you covered with cloud securityGoogle was born and raised in the cloud, so you can rest assured that this company knows better than most how important it is to stay secure in an online environment. Every aspect of the GCP is designed with security in mind. In fact, when you tap into the Google architecture for things like collaboration, data storage, and even machine learning, you're accessing the very same security solutions that Google uses for cloud security.

Since safety is one of the biggest concerns that most CIOs and business leaders face when making the move to the cloud, its good to know that Google is staying ahead of the curve with a broad selection of advanced updates, partnerships, and technologies intended to give you the peace of mind you need to run your business on the cloud.

Innovative Cloud Security from the Experts

The security behind the Google Cloud Platform comes backed by a huge team of security professionals, a robust global infrastructure, and Google's constant drive towards innovation. The industry-leading expertise and knowledge that keeps Google at the cutting edge also go into its security solutions, with data protection services that enterprises can customize to suit their own specific needs.

For example, the G Suite offering from Google ensures that administrators have complete control over their system configuration, as well as application settings for the tools they use on the cloud platform. Because Google believes in the importance of transparency, organizations don't have to worry about their cloud provider selling their private data onto third-party companies either. What's more, Google is equipped with the protection required to meet the toughest industry standards around security.

Alongside their strong contractual commitment to giving clients robust control over data ownership, Google also provides all the tools a modern business might need to support reporting and compliance requirements too.

Enhanced Anti-Phishing Capabilities

Recently, Google has been paying more attention to the areas of AI and machine learning. By diving into disruptive technologies such as these, the company has been able to implement machine learning algorithms into millions of threat detection solutions, improving their ability to identify potential phishing attacks before they have a chance to destroy a brand. Companies can automatically switch on Google-recommended defenses to automatically flag emails with encrypted attachments and unrecognized senders, scan for phishing indicators and malicious links, and more.

Google also provides companies with enhanced visibility services that allow them to stay ahead of potential security threats before they occur. Often, today's IT admins working in the cloud need the latest innovations to defend them against dangerous security incidents. The "Security Center" for G Suite is a tool that allows CIOs and analysts to tap into security insights, actionable information, and best practice advice direct from the experts at Google.

Better Protection for Teams and Enterprises

As enterprises around the world continue to access and store huge amounts of data, both about their marketplace and their customers, admins need additional controls to ensure that this information remains protected. Google Team Drives come packed with security controls that make it easier for businesses to safeguard their most sensitive content. This means that your GCP information can be protected by IRM or Information Rights Management controls, so you feel confident that your intelligence can only be accessed by you.

For companies with remote and mobile employees, Google stays ahead of the security curve with mobile solutions that allow CIOs to secure the endpoints their employees are using. Today, more than 7 million devices are currently being managed with the enterprise-grade G-Suite solution. This service comes packed with proactive security settings that make it easier for admins to protect information while giving workers the applications and tools they need for better productivity.

Google recently launched some new updates to their Cloud Identity service too. This gives enterprises a new and advanced way to manage apps, users, and devices on a central application. The Cloud Identity feature comes with lifecycle management, SSO, account security solutions, and app management alongside unified reporting services.

Google is Constantly Improving but It Isn't Perfect

As amazing as the GCP might be for enterprise companies looking to make the move to the flexible cloud environment, it's important to remember that it's not without its vulnerabilities. Google recently announced a range of improvements to its cloud services, alongside some new partnerships with innovators designed to make the platform more secure. However, it's worth noting that end-users still have a part to play when ensuring the long-term durability of their cloud systems.

Misconfigurations in G-Suite can leave your data open and exposed to attacks. Studies have found that G Suite security settings for many business Google Groups have been misconfigured, which leads to the exposure of personally identifiable information. This is a problem that has also been recognized with Amazon's Simple Storage Service, which recently led to security problems for many Amazon web service users.

Ultimately, Google currently provides the most secure platform for companies who want to make the move to the cloud. In fact, there's no other company out there that dedicates the same level of resources and research to make sure that their customers are protected against everything from phishing, to data loss. However, there's a common misconception that setting up the Google Cloud Platform is a straightforward and foolproof process.

Using the GCP The Right Way

The truth is that there's a lot to configure in the average Google Cloud environment. A misconfiguration that leads to a problem with private data could potentially bankrupt a company and destroy their reputation in any industry. While Google is actively working to make the cloud environment as secure as possible, it's up to companies accessing the G-Suite, or any other cloud platform to take steps to ensure a strong and secure implementation. That's where companies like Coolhead tech come in.

If you want to access all the benefits of the Google Cloud without the headaches of security and misconfigurations, reach out to us today and find out what we can do to launch your GCP experience the right way.