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Recommended for Apps Admins: Ringcentral Live Reports


RingCentral Live Reports is designed to empower administrators with the ability to anticipate and diagnose any potential issues that could impact users. Customer interactions can be tracked in real-time to ensure that service standards remain high. The product is offered as part of the RingCentral Office and not a standalone.


It provides access to dashboards showing key performance metrics relating to inbound and outbound call quality and service. However, none of the data is historical. Instead, it focuses on real-time visibility and dropped after 24 hours. The feature enables decision-makers to optimize the benefits of an advanced phone system.

It comes with a variety of filtering options and views, which allow administrators to highlight specific metrics that help boost business performance. The ability to customize the dashboard makes RingCentral Live Reports a highly flexible tool. Focus can be shifted to various areas as and when required.



Some of the key features of RingCentral Live Reports include:

  • Ability to create and manage multiple dashboards
  • Service level management and identification
  • Display data for queue level visibility
  • Data export capabilities
  • Supports RingCentral permissions, such as read-only full access and no access
  • Offers more than 30 metrics
  • Easy to manage dashboards with drag and drop widgets
  • Display data for agent level visibility
  • Real-time reporting on queues (aggregated data is visible for up to 24 hours)
  • Wallboard view: display the dashboard on a large screen

The overall layout, which incorporates a mix of data, visual markers and graphic charts is simple and easy to scan. The information is displayed in widgets under various categories, including:

  • Queue Details
  • Agents Count, details and service level
  • Queue Monitor

App administrators can add or remove the categories from the dashboard using a drag and drop function. The categories can be further customized to expand the number of metrics to 30. For instance, customize service level reporting to suit specific analytical needs. Admins can set a percentage target for the volume of calls answered within seconds. It is also possible to set varying targets or thresholds for different teams or queues.


Availability and access of Live Reports in Ringcentral

The Live Reports feature is available to RingCentral Office customers in North America and the United Kingdom. Customers in Europe are given an opportunity to sign up for test accounts.

The feature can be accessed by account administrators and users with administrative privileges in three ways: via RingCentral Online account, mobile app or the Live Reports website. Access is controlled based on a set of permissions. View Only grants access to dashboards shared by other users while Full Access grants configuration capabilities.

Individuals with super admin or ownership roles enjoy full access to the reports by default. The roles are available via a user license However, anyone with a standard or standard international role designation is not permitted to access RingCentral Live Reports. App admins can customize roles and permissions by creating new roles for users.

Access to Live Reports dashboards can also be granted to agents. Administrators can either change privacy settings or connect to an external wallboard display.