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Top 5 TechEd Resources CHT released at TCEA


The TCEA Convention is a major, annual event in education and technology alike. It takes place in the first week of February, every year, and invites hundreds of industry experts and major businesses to present at the Convention- ourselves included. The 2016 TCEA Convention has already come and gone, leaving in its wake a wealth of new TechEd resources for the community to review for themselves. TechEd partners were in full force at this convention, and Coolheaad Tech is no different.

We at Coolhead Tech presented our own resources at TCEA, and in this article we'll be giving you the best ones, in no particular order.

Edtech Grants and Funding: The Guide for Chromebooks and Tablets

Making a classroom fit for the digital age requires up-to-date technology in the classroom. As a Google for Education partner, we highly recommend using a Chromebook or Android tablet for these purposes- but how do you afford this technology en masse, to be used in the classroom? To learn more about grants for Edtech, feel free to read our article on the matter, or our in-depth guide for more information.

Raise a Ruckus in the Google Classroom

Once you've created a Google Classroom- or even if you haven't- you're going to want the Wi-Fi infrastructure required to power all of these devices at once, especially if your school Wi-Fi was already spotty when things started. We recommend Ruckus Wireless- to learn more about how Ruckus can make a huge difference in your school's Wi-Fi and what you can save by doing so, feel free to read our whitepaper on the matter.

Getting Started: Google Apps Deployment Guide

Deploying Google Apps may seem like a huge undertaking for the unitiated. Not everything in Tech is super straightforward to set up, so there's absolutely no shame in looking for advice. On Coolhead Tech, we've written a Chromebook and Chrome Device Deployment Guide, which also applies to Google Apps itself. To learn more about deploying Google Apps for your school or business, feel free to read our article or our full deployment guide on the matter.

Guide to Assessing the Network Benefits and Requirements of Cloud VoIP

Cloud VoIP is taking the world of business and education technology by storm, especially as the power of Internet-connected devices, applications and connections increases in power and usage. The traditional office PBX phone system is more or less obsolete- to learn more about why this is, and whether or not Cloud VoIP is the right thing for you, navigate to our guide on the matter, where we discuss the benefits and requirements for implementing a Cloud VoIP system.

The Google For Education Professional Development Guide

Of course, you may want to learn more about the supposed benefits of Google for Education products. Whether skepticism or pure curiosity, you're more than welcome to learn what we know- we've written an extensive Professional Development Handbook, which will allow yuou to learn, in detail, how you and your schools can benefit from Google for Education products and services.

More Information

That's our showcase for the TCEA convention, but we've been in the business for a long time. If you're interested in learning more about technology in business and education, you should take a look around our blog to learn more. We cover new features in Google Apps, tablet configuration guides and tablet buying guides, among our long list of topics and information. If you're interested in getting Google Apps for your school or business, feel free to contact us here, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible to help you with whatever you need.