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WCW Lady Boss Weekly Feature: Marillyn Hewson

_Good leaders organize and align people around what the team needs to do. Great leaders motivate and inspire people with why theyre doing it._ (1)

WCW Lady Boss Weekly Feature: Marillyn Hewson

Happy Woman Crush Wednesday! Here in Apps Admins, we’re all about women’s empowerment. Yes, you heard that right! This weekly lady boss feature will focus on the profiles, stories, and interviews of women entrepreneurs and business leaders. Our goal is to connect and inspire like-minded women across all industries.

Today’s lady boss feature is Marillyn Hewson. According to the 2018 Edison Achievement, Ms. Hewson joined Lockheed Martin as an industrial engineer. According to the same article, she has held several operational leadership positions, including President of Lockheed Martin Systems Integration; Executive Vice President of Global Sustainment for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics; President and General Manager of Kelly Aviation Center, L.P., an affiliate of Lockheed Martin; and President of Lockheed Martin Logistics Services.


EdisonAwards uploaded a video on youtube where Marillyn gave an amazing speech as she receives an achievement award.


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