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3 Ways RingCentral extends Google Apps

ring-central-for-google-apps.pngMore than five million businesses have already discovered the power of Google Apps. Professional email, mobility and strong security make Google apps a clear choice. Now, thanks to a partnership with RingCentral, the power surges into a cloud communications system with dramatically increased functionality. RingCentral adds communications capabilities to your already favorite applications.

1.  RingCentral for Google helps maximize productivity

RingCentral's integration features mean that you do not need to switch programs to make a call, send a fax or meet with colleagues. You can share documents from wherever you are using your computer, tablet or phone. Inbound calls bring up customer records instantly. Agents can enter notes as the call progresses. Store and retrieve documents from the cloud and distribute them to as many as 50 recipients. Developers can use the platform to tailor your system to target your specific business needs.

2.  RingCentral for Google increases mobility

With RingCentral, management of your company is never farther away from you than your favorite mobile device. Google Apps help your employees create meaningful reports and RingCentral helps you see them, from wherever you may be. Your entire system is right at your fingertips, including access to phone numbers throughout your company and your client base. You can make VoIP calls, even when traveling out of the country and use a secure voice feature to ensure confidentiality. HD voice quality delivers sound with crystal clarity. RingCentral allows your employees who work from home to enjoy the same technological benefits as your staff that comes into the office. 

3.  RingCentral for Google accommodates collaboration

RingCentral Meetings allow you to connect not only with your employees, but with your clients and colleagues, whether they are RingCentral customers or not. You can connect online using Mac, Windows or a mobile device. Invite participants easily using Outlook, iCal, or Google calendars. You can connect with up to 50 people from multiple locations without expensive travel or conference centers. Sometimes video conferencing is a preferable meeting method. With RingCentral, international teams can erase the miles between them and enjoy high-definition video and audio presentations to maximize their experience. If it is appropriate to the workflow, you can allow individuals in the meeting to communicate directly with chat options, without disrupting the meeting.


RingCentral can do all of this and much more. Isn't it time you added a new partner to your business? Contact us when you are ready to learn more about how this dynamic partnership can launch your business to new heights.