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4 key advantages to a Cloud based PBX


Here at Coolhead Tech, we often write about the benefits behind adopting cloud PBX systems, especially in comparison the pricier, more traditional PBX. Instead of just telling you that cloud PBX is better without telling you why, however, we'll use this article to give you an overview of the main four advantages in using a cloud PBX system, as opposed to pretty much anything else.

No Complex Hardware to Install or Maintain

This is an important one. Traditional PBX hardware can cost quite a lot of money, not to mention the high cost of monthly service and running dedicated lines through the local Telco. In addition to being prohibitively expensive, managing the hardware in a business PBX system can be difficult, often requiring specialized training for new employees, or for everyone in the business when adopting a new system.

Using a cloud PBX service minimizes the hardware required. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is exceedingly common in cloud PBX (more on that later), and allows businesses to save on the costs of pricey hardware in favor of the Internet connection the office already has.

No Expertise Required To Manage a Cloud PBX

There is a certain degree of management required in a cloud PBX system, but your typical cloud PBX provider can be easily managed from a simple web page. More often than not, this web page allows you to upgrade and downgrade service on a dime, among other services. All that's really required to manage a cloud PBX system is simple tech-savviness and business knowledge, a skill that you likely already have, considering you're reading this article.

Features and Functionality Are Automatically Updated

In the older days of computers, dealing with software and system updates used to be a nightmare. Fortunately, cloud computing means that most security and feature upgrades are done automatically and off-site, without requiring user input or intervention. This saves your IT department the trouble of upgrading your system whenever an important upgrade comes out, and it also allows you fewer headaches, since you know that you'll always be on the latest, greatest software.

A Location-Independent Phone System

Finally, this is where the "cloud" in cloud PBX comes in. Cloud computing means that computing tasks are done off-site, in the server, the cloud. This means that compatible devices can access your cloud servers from anywhere with an Internet connection, allowing employees participating in BYOD (bring your own device) to manage business calls and emails from home or while travelling. As long as they have an Internet connection, they're connected to you and your business.

These are the primary benefits of cloud PBX, but to learn more information on cloud PBX systems and other business technologies, feel free to read our blog or contact us for more information.