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4 Reasons to Give Up on Your Old PBX Phone System This Summer.

nec-pbx-cards.jpgEvery thriving company needs decision makers with a keen eye for innovations in communications technology and the wherewithal to know when to give up on a dying technology. 


As beneficial as a cutting-edge PBX system is to a company, the upgrade process, if not well executed can be sluggish, problematic and costly. Effective executives fulfill the need for technological modernity while addressing the precarious nature of a PBX upgrade by tackling the problem during the summer. Summertime is the slow season for the tech industry, and with careful planning you can take advantage of reduced prices, increased installation assistance and the ability to staff up temporarily.

Summertime is Perfect for Your Company’s Phone System Upgrade

The Obvious reason to dump your old phone system:

Communications technology evolves at a constantly accelerating pace, and making sure that your company has the technology to facilitate success in the current market means adapting in a timely manner.

  • The current business communications landscape demands a phone system that seamlessly integrates mobile devices.
  • Services like RingCentral offer cloud enabled communications, which offers companies a competitive advantage by putting the right data in the right hands instantaneously.
  • Web sales, online collaborations and enhanced business intelligence are aspects of your company in which you can’t afford to fall behind.

The Cost of an on Premises PBX

In addition to addressing the rising costs of maintaining an older phone system, your company's seasonal upgrade this summer will be met by low costs in hardware, software and installation services.


  • Antiquated systems become increasingly expensive to operate as software becomes obsolete and hardware becomes incompatible and unreliable.
  • Newer PBX systems facilitate remote troubleshooting, allowing for faster resolutions to any communications problems and decreased downtime.
  • Summer is the slow season for Business to Business (B2B) technology, so you will find unprecedented deals on hardware and software from manufacturers like Polycom and Cisco, and also on services from Providers like AT&T, RingCentral & Shoretel.

The Timingmitel-pbx-system.jpg

Phone upgrades require a concerted effort on the part of a company’s entire staff to focus on a smooth transition with minimized downtime or loss of information.

For bigger companies this could mean dealing with a lot of physical phones and wiring. Making the transition in the summertime offers some additional options that can make the change a lot less of a hassle.

  • Interns and part-time seasonal employees can be a great asset for the transition, affording your company more hands, eyes and ears to handle both the physical restructuring and fill any communicative gaps.
  • Scheduling added work hours for the transition, or picking a weekend can enable you to execute the upgrade during business off-hours. Making an event of the change, with culinary perks for the employees can make it a positive happening.


  • Summer can be a slow season for PBX service providers, which means you’ll have their undivided attention.

The Tech Industry Cycle

Scheduling a PBX upgrade during the tech industry’s seasonal slow time will help you get quality service and focused attention on troubleshooting your specific problems.

  • Utilize a PBX service with registered agents and discuss your transition plans directly.
  • The transfer of phone numbers, contact information and other sensitive data must be treated carefully with enough planning and ample preparation, such as data backups.
  • During the summer, your company is likely to get exceptional hardware assistance, replacements and maintenance with ease, with less back orders and jumping through hoops.


This seasonal approach to company development exemplifies informed decision making and a warranted focus on seamless business communication. Data can often be a company’s most valuable asset and information on business collaborations, sales, market trends and industry developments must be easily accessible to the right people for success this day in age. Having an adequate strategy for PBX upgrades is an essential part of that success.

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