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Achieve Actionable Insights with Google Cloud Video Intelligence

google-video-intelligence-apiAs the era of digital transformation continues, one of Google's primary goals is to ensure that developers find it as easy as possible to add intelligence features into their applications. With the Google Cloud platform, they're constantly delivering new and improved solutions, from cloud data storage to machine learning features.

The Cloud Video Intelligence feature or API is a machine learning service that can analyze video content. It gives developers the resources and insights they need to automatically extract entities from a video. Up until this point, most of the image recognition APIs in the cloud was only able to do this for still images, but the new API means that developers can build applications that allow users to discover and search for useful information in videos.

Up until this point, many of the similar image recognition solutions available in the cloud environment were designed to focus exclusively on static images. However, with the help of the new API, developers should have the opportunity to build applications that allow users to discover the information that's crucial to them in any video.

Aside from extracting metadata, the API also means that you can tag scenes in a video too, although the content must be stored in the Google Cloud storage service.


Incredibly Accurate Results

The Google Cloud Video Intelligence service means that videos can become more discoverable and searchable thanks to the extraction of in-depth metadata using a REST API. Google has made it so that customers can search for every video moment in their file catalog, and the system quickly annotates videos stored in the Google system too, helping you to identify key entities within the system when they occur.

Since the Cloud Video Intelligence system was launched on the Google Cloud Platform, the company has been working with its customers to ensure that the model is as accurate and intuitive as possible. The system now makes it easy to find new ways of discovering, searching, and indexing video content.

The fantastic thing about Cloud Video Intelligence is that it's options go beyond a basic insight into your videos. You can achieve deeper, more informative analysis, for everything from shot change detection to content management purposes. Some of the features of the Google Cloud Video Intelligence system include:

  • Accurate label detection: You can detect entities in your video using a range of thousands of commonly used labels including "car", "flower" and many others.

  • Shot change detection: If you're looking for the point where something changes in your video content you can pinpoint scene changes almost instantly.

  • Video transcription: Thanks to the rise of Google's Cloud Natural Language system, you can automatically classify content into more than 700 different categories, and transcribe video content into the language that suits you.

  • Content management: If you need to detect and remove adult or inappropriate content in a video, you can do this within a matter of moments.


An Ever-Improving Intelligent System

Based on Google's insights into the world of machine learning, the Cloud Video Intelligence API can do a lot more than just pinpoint images in a video. It can also be used to transcribe the audio information of a video into English. The content classification features of the Cloud Natural Language API allow developers to access information about what category they should place a video into, which should make it easier to organize and assess important data.

Since machine learning models can only be as effective as the data that is fed into it, it's important to make sure that your company has access to as many kinds of information as possible if you want to build your own AI strategy.

Since obtaining organized and accurately labeled data continues to be one of the primary challenges for companies seeking opportunities to take advantage of machine learning, the Cloud Video Intelligence system could be the perfect way to simplify data management. Cloud video intelligence can now identify more than 20,000 labels.


How You Can Use Cloud Video Intelligence

There are plenty of demonstrations available from Google that show how the Cloud Video Intelligence could work for you. Essentially, the system works to create a full list of details from a video for a company, creating timestamps and labels to make organizing information easier. This means that you can store, reuse, and find videos with minimal labor.

Previous strategies for video data management relied on a lot of manual work that could take a great deal of time and effort. However, Google believes that the new solution means that storing and indexing videos could take around 20% of the time it once did. Some of the ways that you can use Cloud Video Intelligence include:

  • Archiving Media: Develop an indexed archive of your video library using the metadata collected from the Cloud Video Intelligence system. This is the perfect strategy for businesses that collect a lot of media because it ensures that you can automatically analyze content and see the results within a matter of minutes.

  • Moderating content: If you need to keep your video data clean and appropriate, you can identify when dangerous content is being shown, and instantly remove it from the system. This is a great way to efficiently filter through your own content or videos generated by your customers.

  • Creating contextual advertisements: With Cloud Video Intelligence, you can find the perfect spaces in a video where ads can be placed that are contextually relevant to the content. This can be done by matching the labels in your video content with the content of your ads.

  • Content Recommendation: Finally, you can build your own content recommendation solution using a customer's viewing preferences and history - this could lead to more memorable customer experiences.

To find out more about the possibilities of Cloud Video Intelligence or get your guide into the world of Google Cloud, contact the experts at Coolhead Tech today!