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Achieving Reliable, Real-Time Stream Analytics with Google PubSub

google-pub-sub-messagingIn today's modern, digitally transforming world, businesses are growing and expanding at a rate that's faster than ever. Thanks to the versatility of the cloud, deploying and building applications can be a simpler process than it once was. What's more, there are even opportunities available to build apps into smaller segments that are easier to move and maintain.

Of course, as wonderful as the cloud can be for growing companies, it's important to do your due diligence when setting applications designed to stand the test of time. One of the most important features of a resilient app is scalability, and this is something that's naturally present in many cloud products. For instance, the Google Compute Engine is on hand to relocate significant amounts of traffic coming to your app, ensuring that the load is distributed across a wider, global system.

Of course, another feature of true resilience is the way that apps operate together. If one component in a database starts to malfunction, the whole system can begin to falter because everything is designed to work as one. To support resiliency from a connected perspective, the Google PubSub solution could be a perfect choice.


What is Google PubSub?

The Google Cloud Pub/Sub is a resilience-first, scalable solution for event-driven computing and stream performance. It was launched as part of the Google Cloud over-arching strategy for analytics and works by taking event information and pushing it through the Cloud Dataflow system. Once your application information is processed, it can also be addressed by BigQuery, giving you access to a management solution for company big data.

PubSub thrives in the center of processing and data-management systems in the Google cloud. Known as middleware the system functions on the publish and subscribe system - hence it's memorable name. While publisher applications send messages through to a specific topic, subscriber applications receive that message when linked to the system.

Importantly, the PubSub strategy means that developers end up with a sort of filter between their software applications, ensuring that the right systems are connected at the right times. For example, your system might ensure that a message is instantly sent to users when they're online, or it appears for an offline user when they log onto an app.


What's the Point of a PubSub Service?

You already see PubSub solutions every day if you're familiar with the GCP. For instance, when your Gmail displays a message on your smartphone, it does this because the system is pushing a notification on your device. On the other hand, when you're typing a search into Google and the suggested searches appear in the box below your text, this is an example of the real-time indexing that can be achieved from PubSub solutions updating caches with useful information.


The components of a PubSub service are as follows:

  • The Message: This is the information that you push from the publisher to the subscriber.
  • The Topic: This is simply the name for the feed of messages in a specific process.
  • Publisher: The system that creates the message and sends them through the service.
  • Subscriber: This is the entity that responds to the messages, and receives them


From a resiliency perspective, the PubSub servers on Google-run across multiple data centers around the planet, so you don't have to worry about your system suddenly going down. For developers in search of a simple and reliable solution for their end-to-end messaging and application services, Google Cloud PubSub offers:

  • Scale:   It's designed to support existing Google solutions like Ads and Gmail

  • Reliability:   Because PubSub is distributed across the globe, you get enhanced availability without extra latency.

  • Easy implementation: Like many solutions on the Google Cloud Platform, PubSub is fully managed, so you can enjoy better support when dealing with your cloud strategy. The PubSub solution can be launched in a matter of minutes.

  • Cost-efficiency: You simply pay as you go , so there's no need for excessive investment.

  • Performance: The solution is proven to deliver real-time or sub-second messages even when tested at huge scales.


What's Included in Google PubSub?

One of the most popular ways to get involved with PubSub is through the Google API library. This allows developers to basically pick and choose the features they want for their system, without having to build code from scratch. However, at a basic, or surface level, the Google Cloud PubSub includes:

  • Reliable processing: Thanks to Dataflow, you get exactly once processing of streams, which keeps everything in your network running faster.

  • At-least-once delivery: Because the system tracks message receipt, you ensure everyone gets the data sent to them, regardless of the system scale.

  • No provisioning: You don't have to worry about partitions with Google PubSub, you can just set your own data quota.

  • Open: Thanks to the open cloud library, you can enjoy deployments in any language that suits you.

  • Integration: There are multiple integrations available with services like Gmail, cloud storage, and more.

  • Global performance: The system is shared across the world, ensuring absolute resiliency and consistent latency.

  • Security and compliance: The PubSub system is HIPAA-compliant so you can enjoy absolute peace of mind.

Why Use Google PubSub?

For simplicity, performance, and reliability in the application development environment, Google leads the way. Capable of capturing, storing, and transferring more than a million messages per second, PubSub is a proven strategy for making sense of huge amounts of data in your business. What's more, it can increase the speed at which you process big data within your organization - allowing you to take advantage of a truly real-time operated solution.

Because PubSub is designed to suit the scaling needs of digitally-evolving companies, the pricing structure and versatility of the solution means that you can start as small as you like and continue to grow through the years without any concerns about big initial investments. Through simple integration strategies, you can connect with other elements of the Google Cloud Platform to make sense of huge amounts of data in a very short time.

What's more, PubSub is easier to use than a standard open-source system, with more cost-efficiency too. To find out more about how you can tap into the wonders of PubSub yourself, get in touch with Coolhead Tech today!