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Machine Learning Big Data Solutions on Google Cloud Platform

Managing risk business challenges uncertainty concept. Elephant with giraffe walking on dangerous rope high in sky symbol balance overcoming fear for goal success. Young entrepreneur corporate world Here at Coolhead Tech, we've been helping companies to tap into the power and versatility of cloud infrastructure for almost a decade. Most people know us for our award winning G Suite Business Support. However, when you dig down into what we can really accomplish for the digitally-transforming IT department, you'll begin to discover that our secret weapon is really our in-depth expertise in big data and predictive analytics.

During the 2016 US Presidential campaign, we worked alongside the Ben Carson Campaign to provide solutions on the Google Cloud Platform, Hubspot and RingCentral.  Coolhead Tech also truly tapped into the value of big data and analytics to change the world of Big Data in Big Politics for good.

Today, it's not just politicians that can benefit from the power of 'big data'. Almost every customer conversation, application, and tool generate an incredible amount of information within your enterprise. Every new piece of data is a new source of analytical growth for your company, capable of telling important stories about how to structure growth for the future.

The question for most organizations today isn't 'Do we need big data solutions?' but "How can we implement the right data analytics strategies, and why should we invest in the cloud?"

Defining 'Big Data' at the Business Level

Finding the right big data solution for your venture means starting with a strong understanding of what 'big data' means. Essentially, the 'big' data in your enterprise refers to the information that would be too huge to manage, store, and analyze using standard or monolithic databases.

While many of the original forms of data, like bank transactions and customer details could be stored and categorized in legacy systems, these solutions simply don't have the flexibility to manage the constant stream of unstructured or real-time data generated in the modern world. The almost immeasurable levels of information created by modern customer transactions today dwarf the data we collected only a couple of years ago.

Now that we have more complex contact centers, varied solutions for brand communication, and the Internet of Things, we've seen an explosion of information in the form of everything from audio and images, to text and video. For many businesses, that ocean of data holds secrets about success with a host of different customers across almost every industry.

In a world where clients expect efficient, customized, and accurate experiences, the most successful organizations are the ones that can translate the complex language of big data.

Big Data and Google Cloud Platform

So, we know that big data is important, but why is the cloud the ideal strategy for capturing all this useful information, and why do most people turn to the expertise of Google specifically?

Well, the first thing to note is that machine learning and analytics have been at the heart of Google since almost day one.  Google Cloud Platform gives companies access to the same analytical engines the company uses each day to unearth crucial information about their business and niche.

Because Google offers access to data analytics on the cloud, the benefits are astronomical. For instance, cloud computing allows access to flexible, scalable, and even more cost-efficient data storage and analytics. This is crucial for customers who have very little control over the rate at which their data volume is growing.

Google Cloud Platform ensures that the right cloud storage and processing resources are available for customers as needed. What's more, if you're just getting started with big data analytics, you get the benefit of knowing that the Google Cloud system is designed for simplicity. You can experiment with new systems as and when you choose, delving into managed servers like Google Cloud machine learning, and BigQuery in a pay-as-you-go format.

Some of the features available from the Google Cloud Platform include:

  • Fully-managed Serverless Simplicity: The GCP provides industry-leading solutions that allow companies to analyze and manage their data at any scale, with the use of SQL sources in a serverless architecture. The complexities of the back-end are also handled for you so that you can focus on using your budget and expertise where it counts.

  • Stream and Batch Processing: The Cloud Dataflow solution from Google is a fully-managed way to execute a collection of data processing patterns and stream analytics. You use a single tool for both stream processing and batch management which keeps cost and confusion to a minimum.

  • BigQuery: GCP offers BigQuery to those who want to perform quick and economically effective queries on huge amounts of data. The system is completely pay-as-you-go, which means that enterprises can take advantage of the security Google offers, without breaking the bank.

  • Managed Databases and Archiving:  Since compliance and regulatory bodies often require a great deal of access to important data, it's important to make sure that you always have the right information stored. Google provides a range of globally available storage products, from managed SQL options to the archival product Nearline.

Coolhead Tech's Google Cloud Platform offering could even be the perfect solution for those who are entering the next stage of digital transformation in the enterprise with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Because Google can help companies to analyze in-depth data with machine algorithms, you can even uncover the possibilities of predictive analytics.

To help make machine learning even simpler to understand, Google has also made the library for its machine learning method into an open-source tool. You can now access and explore Tensorflow at your leisure, and even launch your own machine learning products on the cloud with the help of out-of-the-box models, and do-it-yourself systems.

A Serverless Solution to Big Data

Ultimately, no matter where your business might be in today's competitive environment, it's safe to say that big data could be your roadmap to success. From helping you manage the information you collect more effectively, to analyzing that data for future insights, the Google Cloud Platform provides a suite of unique services perfect for any customer.

What's more, if you need a little help choosing the Google strategies that are right for you, or navigating the cloud system, you can always turn to your friends at Coolhead Tech for some extra support.