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Choosing A Public Cloud Service:  AWS vs. Google Cloud Platform


There are several options available for cloud computing and hosting services and many companies are choosing between the Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services as their final choices for cloud hosting services.  

Amazon Web Services is a popular choice with a long history in the marketplace. One of its chief competitors is the latecomer Google Cloud Platform from parent company Alphabet.   Both platforms have their strengths with Amazon Web Services having well-established tools and services. By comparison, Google Cloud Platform offers better pricing, data scaling, machine learning, and a better overall user experience.

Google Cloud Platform Versus Amazon Web Services

When directly compared it is important to consider what advantages each service provider offers.

  • Amazon Web Services Advantages: AWS offers a greater variety of features such as a variety of database products, remote desktop features, and media transcoding and streaming.   AWS’s network infrastructure is more evenly distributed worldwide while Google’s is mainly focused in the USA, Europe, and Asia.   AWS Security is robust as overall support as is the number of skilled resources.

  • Google Cloud Platform Advantages:  By comparison,  GCP offers the following advantages. Scalability is unmatched with the ability to run thousands of virtual machines and handle large increases in traffic without a reduction in service stability.    Speed is also more impressive with 14 Gbps and low latency allowing the services to easily meet industry standards and needs.   This speed, security, stability, and scalability is achieved through Google’s use of software defined networking which makes changes easy to make and allows communication between VMs that are safely security via VPNs.  GCP also offers an affordable and scalable pricing plan.

“If you’re looking for a Public Cloud Platform, Google is the clear choice in most enterprise cases.”

  1. While AWS offers several products and features many of them are not mission critical or go unused.

  2. GCP is cheaper with discounting built in and greater overall stability reducing the need for paid support.

  3. GCP is easily scaled in response to increased use and can be handled automatically reducing network impact. This is of key importance if your apps and services see an increase in use and require greater support.

  4. Google’s products are well known for being user-friendly and GCP’s GUI is easy to use and work with. This makes employee training and daily use far easier.

Four Advantages Of Google Cloud Platform

When selecting a cloud hosting platform always consider your company needs and the services you consider essential to daily business. Here is a brief overview of the advantages the Google Cloud Platform offers.

  1. Public Cloud Security: security is of the utmost importance in today’s mobile and cloud centric world. Google’s security is the strongest in the industry, exceeding required standards for safety both in the United States and in the international market. This includes both cyber security and on site physical security for their data centers.

  1. Cost And Scalability: Economies of scale are a key factor in cloud hosting expense. As your company grows the need for stronger back end support increases. A key advantage offered by Google Cloud Platform is its affordability including such features as per minute charging and discounting for increased usage (i.e. 30% off for an instance that requires a 24/7 run time). Plus the GCP is easily scalable and transparent in terms of data usage and storage making cost calculations and expansion easier. Google’s cost calculator allows you to estimate current and future expenses.

  1. Infrastructure: Google’s infrastructure offers several key advantages to their clients. Aside from having multiple locations ensuring network stability these data centers are also highly secure in terms of security and access keeping your data safe. Plus with environmental safety becoming more important for businesses Google’s data centers are solar and wind-powered making them ISO 14001 certified.  

  1. Speed: a cloud-based platform is reliant on strategically placed data centers to reduce data transmission time. The Google Cloud Platform is supported by Google's robust infrastructure which has data centers around the world in Asia, Europe, and the United States.   

Conclusion:   Lift & Shift to Google Cloud Platform

Moving from a traditional computer network to a cloud-based system is certainly not without its questions. However, a full migration is not necessary and can be done in phases or with specific services. A hybrid cloud infrastructure is easy to set up bringing important services into a cloud-based system while still maintaining legacy software and data through VPN services.

As the above information shows the GCP offers you several advantages as a cloud hosting platform. It’s easy to use and affordable services are not only secure but also able to handle your business needs as your company grows. Contact us today to learn more.