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Cloud PBX Systems Prove Substantial Savings for Mid-Size Enterprises.

The_Economic_Value_of_Chromebooks_for_Educational_Institutions-1.pngIn 2014, RingCentral commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study and determine the potential return on investment (ROI) offered by deploying RingCentral's services in a company.

In order to do this, Forrester consulted four different businesses that were using RingCentral to replace their old PBX systems. From these four interviews, Forrester created a composite organization of 600 employees from the ones interviewed.

The composite organization had the following benefits from using RingCentral over their traditional PBX system

  • Saved $822,638 by forgoing a traditional PBX system.

These savings may be massive, but start making sense once you do the math. PBX systems are incredibly expensive- not just the hardware, but the man-hours required to maintain it over a long period of time adds up, too, especially as a company grows. Expanding businesses in particular suffer with PBX, since expanding the system can result in many headaches and buying new hardware is already expensive enough as it is.

The main savings come from not needing to buy a new PBX system when the old one failed, essentially.


  • Gained $95,000 from their CRM system integration.

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is an important part of any business. As the name implies, it deals with managing customers- and poor customer management can result in unsatisfied customers, which leads to a poorer reputation for the business in question.

Unlike traditional PBX systems, cloud PBX systems benefit from all the features that computers, the Internet and modern technology have to offer, allowing much easier, much better Customer Relationship Management to occur. It's only natural that the end of the business dealing with customers would become more profitable after adopting a better set of technologies suited for handling them.


  • Revenues increased $7.7 million.

This is a big figure, no matter who you are. Of course, RingCentral alone won't make a company profitable- all the good tech in the world won't help you if you don't have satisfied customers looking to buy from you and give you business. However, if your business was previously dealing with heavy restrictions- restrictions imposed by, say, an ancient PBX system- a cloud PBX system essentially removes those chains, so to speak, allowing a company to succeed on its merits and not be held down by archaic tech.

A cloud PBX system allows employees less time spent on IT and diagnostics and more time doing their actual jobs. RingCentral allows the usage of a mobile app to take work-vital calls and texts from anywhere, and also makes managing the cloud PBX system easier than ever through web-based or app-based platforms.

In addition, a lot of the old problems with telecom lines and wiring is gone, since all a cloud PBX system needs to function is an Internet connection, with a sufficiently powerful one being able to manage hundreds, if not thousands of lines simultaneously. With these benefits in mind, it starts to become clearer how these companies saved so much and made so much by switching to RingCentral. Or, in this case, a composite company.


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