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Cloud Solutions for Healthcare on Google Cloud

apps admin blog post cover (3)The strategy that Google Cloud takes towards healthcare is a reflection of Google's overall approach to machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the future of technology. Ultimately, Google is all about accessing data from across the world and making it as usable and accessible as possible to the people who need it most. Unlocking knowledge for the healthcare industry means helping these professionals unlock intuitive and informative solutions, while keeping data secure.

The Google Cloud is working towards a world where all healthcare providers will have the opportunity to securely, easily, and instantly collaborate over patient care. The better flow of data, combined with new discoveries in artificial intelligence and machine learning could deliver patient outcomes the world has never seen before.


Google Cloud's Most Recent Cure: The Healthcare API

To help users customize and enhance their cloud experience, Google launched the Healthcare API in 2018 - designed to address some of the interoperability challenges facing healthcare data. The API comes with a secure and scalable infrastructure that manages a range of important healthcare data types, including DICOM, HL7, and more. This allows customers to use the various information fees they access to facilitate machine learning and analytics in the cloud.

The Stanford School of Medicine - one of Google's most recent partners, believes that open standards are the key to enabling the future of biomedical research. With the API service, Google hopes to help the healthcare industry move into the cloud and adopt new disruptive strategies for the sake of patient care. With artificial intelligence and machine learning, it could be possible to diagnose disease, find new personalized treatments, and overcome ailments faster than ever.


What Can Healthcare Companies Do with Google Cloud?

Healthcare on Google Cloud is all about transforming massive amounts of patient data into actionable insights that support the discovery of enhanced treatment options. The Cloud supports HIPAA compliance through cutting-edge security features, so that doctors, surgeons, and researchers can discover secure insights into patient care and access easier collaboration with peers. With the Google Cloud, Healthcare companies can:

  • Process huge amounts of data faster: With Big Data and Cloud Genomics, GCP customers can turn huge amounts of clinical, imaging, insurance, and genomic data into healthcare insights that facilitate better care, disease breakthroughs, and enhanced operations. The Google fully-managed data warehouse means that health professionals can quickly tap into useful outcomes in their data, without having to worry about infrastructure. What's more, the solutions available are easily adaptable for hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

  • Access machine intelligence: Organizations in the medical imaging sphere have already begun to dive into the machine learning solutions available through Google Cloud today to improve outcomes for patients, enhance data management, and boost operational efficiencies. Machine learning may be a complex process, but the Google Cloud means that health companies don't need a huge team to get the most out of their data. Pre-trained, easy-to-use models allow for automatic classification of videos and images and the conversion of audio to text. Google customers can even build custom models with TensorFlow and Cloud Machine Learning services, The Google TPU is up to 30 times faster than a standard CPU or GPU.

  • Data Interoperability: As the world becomes more connected, patient expectations are growing more sophisticated. The desire for seamless care is increasing, and interoperability of data sources is essential. Google Cloud APIs can link new technology with legacy data to power digital experiences like remote monitoring, fitness devices, and patient mobile apps.

  • Great collaboration with colleagues and better connections with patients: Finally, Google Cloud for Healthcare ensures that people within the healthcare environment can stay connected to colleagues and patients - regardless of whether they're on the other side of the world, or just across the hall. G Suite and cloud productivity tools are designed for the modern business, with HIPAA compliance that allows doctors, nurses, and other staff to share confidential notes in an instant and collaborate over research.


A Secure Way to Support Healthcare Growth

After dedicating years to the organization of the world's search results, Google is now making the move into medical information and healthcare data. The cloud business for the company has begun to set its sights on assisting medical professionals in the aggregation of medical data all the way from lab results, to X-ray imaging and medical records. What's more, the GCP also does its part in protecting patient data by offering comprehensive solutions for network security, identity management, and threat detection too, to protect businesses against future and current threats. To earn business trust, Google Cloud protects the G-Suite and Google Platform according to rigorous security standards like ISO 27018, ISO 27017, and ISO 27001.

For the Google Cloud Platform, the development of cloud technology and APIs is all about giving healthcare customers the tools and support they need to accelerate projects in areas associated with personal medicine, population health, and clinical research development.


For instance, some of the customers already using healthcare in Google Cloud include:

  • M*Model: This company is using the Google Cloud to overcome the issue of physician burnout that is damaging healthcare companies around the world. The organization taps into AI-based solutions with Google Cloud to align with the needs of various marketplaces. M*Model solutions support real-time contextual understanding with actionable insights delivered to doctors at the point of care.

  • The Chilean Health Ministry: Using the Google Cloud Apigee platform, the Chilean Health Ministry provides nationwide API-based connectivity to ensure that applications, data, services, and more are securely and easily available when needed. This connectivity secures access to patient information regardless of where it's needed.

  • The Cleveland Clinic uses the Google Cloud Apigee platform to tap into the benefits of their electronic medical records through APIs, using a scalable, and secure industry-grade platform, Apigee allows the clinic to augment, enable, and extend functionality in their EHR. The system also allows them to run advanced ML-based predictive models and analytics.


If you're a company in the healthcare industry looking to find out what Google Cloud can do for you, real out to Coolhead Tech today. We'll help you find the cure to your productivity and performance problems.