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New Connected Workspace White Paper on Ringcentral for Google

ringcentral-for-google-ebook.pngCommunication brings together the skills and knowledge of various people, allowing us to accomplish feats that would otherwise be impossible. Telephone networks have been fueling our ability to communicate with one another for over a century, and the digital revolution in networking technology capability has granted us the ability to send messages filled with audio, video, text, and other complex data formats in the blink of an eye.


The next evolution of business communication is bringing all of these tools together to create a connected workspace. That's where RingCentral comes into play.


What Is RingCentral?

RingCentral is a comprehensive Cloud-powered communications platform in the Google for Work family that provides all of the tools necessary for a modern business to keep in touch with team members, clients, and associates.


How Does RingCentral Connect the Workplace Together?

RingCentral handles all of the tasks that a typical PBX system does while adding additional layers of functionality and connectivity. The robust feature list is extensive and includes:


Call Management Utilities

Redirect calls throughout your team with call forwarding, filter out unwanted harassment and spam with call screening, and review detailed call logs at any time.


Call Recording

Automatic recording can monitor individuals, groups, or departments according to the needs of your company. RingCentral stores up to 100,000 recordings for 90 days, giving you plenty of time to review the collected data and transfer the recordings to a more permanent storage solution.


Toll-Free Number Support

RingCentral offers customizable toll-free numbers so your customers always have a way to get in touch with your company without incurring extra fees.


Integrating Modern Technologies

On top of the typical PBX functionalities above, RingCentral brings together the various technologies that have come into existence since the dawn of the Internet and the roaring pace of development that has followed.


The Power of the Cloud

RingCentral uses Cloud technology to manage the traffic moving across your PBX, reducing your connection needs from multiple phone lines to one Internet access point.


Secure Operation

Both active communications and stored records are kept safe through multiple layers of security that run from the physical location of the RingCentral servers to every message that is sent. Every RingCentral server site is SSAE 16 and ISO 27001 certified, and you can freely take payments over the PCI DSS 3.1 compliant transmission protection.


SMS Text Messaging

Text messages are an effective way of alerting customers to deals and offers without aggravating them with a phone call or the message getting lost in an overflowing inbox.


Direct Connect Service

RingCentral can reach through the web and secure a Direct Connect circuit with your business to ensure the quality of your phone service is resistant to throughput bottlenecks.


Automated Answering Service

The RingCentral auto-receptionist handles the initial steps of processing inbound calls to your business, redirecting callers to the right person or department while reducing the time that they spend on hold.


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Support

BYOD support connects the devices your team members already have on hand to the PBX. All they need is the RingCentral app and login credentials for your Cloud.


Audio and Video Conferencing

Bring together multiple people at once to rapidly share information, collaborate on projects, and handle business.


Mobile and Desktop Apps for RingCentral

Access the RingCentral service from any desktop or mobile device through a single program that can be installed in just minutes. All of the features, including admin access and control, can be managed from any device with an Internet connection.


Internet Faxing

Send a fax from anywhere just by attaching the document to an email. Existing fax machines can be linked into the RingCentral e-fax service through an analog adapter.


Connect Platform API

Link any piece of software to the RingCentral service by implementing the RingCentral API and freely published software development kit.


Gather Data from Other Applications

RingCentral automatically incorporates the information stored in other business software such as Salesforce, Zendesk, or other Google for Work services.


Envision Your Connected Workspace

Take control of your company's communication through RingCentral. The service's robust capabilities combine together to provide improved communications at a lower cost. Cloud-based operation and the inclusion of BYOD support drive down the cost of running a business class phone service. The exact level of savings depends on your usage levels; get a rough estimate of your expected savings using the RingCentral ROI calculator.


With desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices all running a communications platform that brings them together, the web of technology that holds up your business's presence is fortified to take on new waves of business and customers whenever they come.