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Developers Are Starting to Swarm Towards the GCP

Google Cloud Platform is quickly gaining weight in the developers marketplace

According to a new survey, the Google Cloud Platform is quickly gaining weight in the developers marketplace. We already know that Google's cloud environment has a lot to offer businesses of all shapes and sizes. However, now it seems as though Google could be quickly outshining the competition when it comes to providing an environment where developers can experiment, learn, and grow too. 

According to a recent survey, Coders in the Google Cloud Platform prefer the GCP to other leading competitors like Microsoft Azure. Although Amazon Web Services is still in the lead (For now), this change seems to indicate that Google's strategy to make things like machine learning, data analytics and artificial intelligence more accessible is definitely paying off. 

At this year's Cloud Next and developer events, Google continued to show attendees how they would be simplifying the path to better cloud developments with the introduction of new tools for security, flexibility, and even cloud migration. It seems as though people are taking advantage of these updates if the new Ecosystem survey by JetBrains is anything to go by. 

Developers are Making the Move to Google

According to the latest JetBrains study, the amount of developers using Google is currently 28%, compared to only 21% for Microsoft Azure. Importantly, Amazon Web Service still has a hefty lead among coders. The study revealed that 67% of respondents are currently using AWS. However, last years' study indicated that the number of respondents using the GCP and Microsoft Azure were equal. Now it appears that Google has surpassed Microsoft and could be making its way towards the top spot next. 

The survey looked at the responses of 19,000 participants who are asked to join the research via Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Google AdWords, and various other communication channels. However, only around 7,000 responses were included in the report, as the company wanted to make sure that bias was eliminated wherever possible. 

Obviously, this survey is only a small glimpse into the rising popularity of Google as a platform for growth and development. There are plenty of other companies that prefer Google to the other cloud environments offered on the market today, and developers are just one of the markets that the GCP aims to bring into its midst. That being said, developers are often very influential members of a team - making their decisions are relevant consideration to business leaders.

Why is GCP Becoming More Popular among Developers?

So, why is it that Developers are moving more aggressively into the GCP? Well, it depend on who you ask. However, the study above indicates that much of the reason for the growing development of Google is the presence of Kubernetes. The solution for container orchestration developed by Google is quickly emerging as the go-to solution for many developers. 

Ultimately, Kubernetes is a lot more popular for containerization purposes than the similar options available from Microsoft Azure and even Amazon EKS. If we were looking at container environments and nothing else, then Google would no doubt come out ahead of the pack. However, most developers often prefer to use a range of tools for different processes in their creation strategy. For instance, Github came out on top for version control, with 73% of respondents using the service. 

Although Microsoft has definitely fallen behind Google in the eyes of developers, it's safe to say that the company still has some sway in the cloud environment. For instance, Windows remains to be the most popular operating system for the development environment (57%). According to JetBrains, if the results of the study are normalized by sample size, then C# is also the most loved programming language. 

Other Insights from the Study

Aside from showing us that the demand for GCP is growing in the developer environment, JetBrains' latest study also revealed some other interesting information about the developer landscape. For instance, it found that 23% of professional developers are working on mobile development, and about two thirds of those developers are using cross platform frameworks to build their mobile applications. The most popular-cross platform solution is currently React Native, but it's followed closely by Google's Flutter (42% vs 30%). 

Although it's important to take surveys like this one with a pinch of salt, they do offer a useful insight into the trends taking place in the cloud and technology environments.