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Enhancing the Employment Model: Google Cloud Job Discovery

apps admin blog (15)The Google Cloud Job Discovery system is part of the 'Google for Jobs' feature introduced by the people responsible for the machine learning growth in Google over the last few years. The 'Google for Jobs' program is a commitment made by the technology and search giant to help people find the jobs they need more easily - and therefore tackle some of the problems to do with unemployment and poverty.

The Job Discovery system offers a plug-and-play solution for companies who want to tap into Google's machine learning and search opportunities, allowing the entire recruiting system to become more efficient and productive. Importantly, most job sites rely on using keywords to retrieve important information for job purposes - but this can be a complex strategy to get right. The Google Cloud Job Discovery service uses machine learning to offer a better context into job searches and job listings, which leads to:

  • Higher job application rates

  • Better job site engagement

  • Improved product and engineering resources

  • Increased candidate conversion


Understanding Google for Jobs

To really understand the value of Google's Job Discovery API, you first need to know what 'Google for Jobs' means to the employment world. According to Google, the API uses the details found in machine learning to understand how skills and job titles connect to each other, along with finding information which job locations, content, and seniority are right for a searcher's preferences.

The API is available for purchase by companies who want to make sure that they're recruiting the best candidates on their job boards. Once this solution was delivered, the next step was to make sure that searching for careers was simple for job seekers. This was where Google for Jobs came in.

The Google for Jobs system combines the existing API with the powerful pre-existing search engine features owned by Google to ensure that job seekers have more power to find the careers and positions that appeal to them. To achieve these exceptional results, Google partnered with various job recruitment experts like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and more. The outcome is a more streamlined and accurate job searching engine that takes people all over the web.

The Google Job Search API integrates with a range of different sites and applications. Job boards, career site providers, and applicant tracking systems have all begun to integrate with Cloud Job Discovery. Google advertises the system as the perfect way to improve a career site experience with the very same technology that powers Google's own career site, along with thousands of others.


Why is the Google Job API so Appealing?

Google's Job search solution is effective because it delivers a more practical and contextual approach for the average job seeker. By using machine learning and working alongside some of the major job sites in the world, Google ensures that users can see job openings from a range of sites as soon as they appear. This means that checking for new positions couldn't be easier.

Ultimately, Google hopes that they'll eventually be able to crack the code when it comes to making sure that the right job applicants are matched with the perfect candidates. They believe that the challenge of connecting job seekers with better information will be a thing of the past.

Previously, one of the biggest obstacles that would-be employees had to face was the inconsistencies between organizations in things like job titles and even the keywords that appear in job descriptions. However, Google hopes that they'll soon be able to address this issue with their search feature.

To make the Google job feature as simple and accessible as possible, Google has ensured that looking for your ideal job is as simple as making a standard Google search. All you need to do is launch the engine and type in information about the kind of job you're looking for. You can also include additional information about where you would like the job to be located.


Using Google for Jobs as an Employer

Of Course, Google Job Discovery isn't just an exceptional solution for job seekers who want to make sure that they're not missing out on the best potential positions and career opportunities. The process of finding and hiring the best employees has never been simple for employers either, and many companies throughout the US often say that they struggle to fill their positions with the most qualified candidates.

The good news is that the Google Cloud Jobs API is available with a host of other incredible machine learning solutions on the Google Cloud. This system makes it easier to for developers and site owners to truly tap into the benefits of the Google job search, which leads to the following benefits for employers:

  • Better position in the Google search results: As we all already know, the higher your website appears on the Google search results, the more likely it is that you'll capture the attention of the right candidates. The Job search feature on Google shows a company's logo, reviews, job details, and ratings all in one go.

  • Highly motivated job applicants: Because the job searching solution becomes more personalized and contextual, job seekers can filter their suggestions according to specific criteria like job title and location. This means that employers don't have to waste time filtering through people who aren't right for the position.

  • Better chance of candidate conversion: Finally, your job seekers will have a new method of interacting with posts and learning more about a company with an open position.

To learn more about the potential of the Google Cloud Jobs API for enhancing your recruitment process, reach out to the experts at Coolhead Tech today. We can tell you everything you need to know about using and making the most of the Google Cloud Platform.