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An Introduction to RingCentral's Amazing Cloud Call Center


In the modern business world ‘The Cloud’ has become one of the most common terms for the ever expanding use of cloud based data and storage systems. Some advantages of the cloud include removing centralized databases, increasing accessibility, and eliminating data silos just to name a few. However, cloud based services can also be used as the backbone of your call and contact center. By replacing traditional phone technology you gain several advantages which are detailed below.

The Five Reasons To Switch To A Cloud Contact Center


There are several reasons why companies are switching to cloud based contact centers as opposed to more traditional phones systems. These reasons include:

  1. Versatility: a cloud based call center is highly versatile. They allow you to bring all your office employees and non local distance employees together into one system no matter where they are. Also cloud based call center software is easy to access and can be connected to through a standard username/password combination or a VPN if needed. Hardware is also scalable with standard phones, VOIP phones, and cellphones all being solutions.

  2. Software Upgrades: a key advantage of any cloud based software is receiving regular updates this is also true of cloud based call centers. Off site providers regularly update their call center software based on client feedback. Because of this you enjoy regular updates and useful new features. In many cases these updates have no additional fee and are part of your existing contract.

  3. Ease Of Access: another key advantage of cloud based contact centers is their ease of access. For example a blizzard or heavy rainstorm could easily shut down your office or make travel to it unsafe. With a hosted cloud based solution your employees can easily log into your phone system from home. This keeps your businesses up and running no matter where your workers may be.

  4. Efficiency: cloud based systems are highly effective at call routing. Using a virtual queue system you can easily direct your calls. For example you can divide calls up between different locations, configure overflow, increase/decrease call capacity as needed, and change how calls are received (round robin, next in lie, by priority, and so on).

  5. A Better ROI: traditional phone systems are quite expensive with localized hardware easily running from the six figures into the millions depending on the size of your call center. A cloud based system requires far less of an investment. Often combined with a VOIP phone system many of the related expenses are merely licensing fees and simple hardware upkeep.


Five Advantages RingCentral Contact Center Offers Your Business

The RingCentral Contact Center is a versatile; and useful call center solution that allows you to manage your customer phone calls. Useful features include:

  1. Interface Features: the RingCentral Contact Center is a full featured call center solution that includes useful tools such as real time reporting, historical reports, a supervisor app for smartphones, the ability to monitor employees, coach, barge, and take over phone calls. You also have the ability to force agent logins and logouts if needed.

  2. Queue Control: RingCentral Contact Center makes use of automated call distribution to carefully manage your call queue. It does this by organizing calls by priority and allowing you to weigh your employees by overall skills sets and numerical scoring to carefully assign calls. You can also originate calls by dividing i into preconfigured channels to route callers based on need, workflow optimization, and your employees also have cross channel information to assist in their work.

  3. IVR: an IVR system is highly effective in allowing customers to help themselves and reduce calls to your employees. RingCentral Contact Center allows you to fully configure your IVR system by configuring its options and integrating it with your website, CRM, and other tools. As a fully featured IVR system voice recognition and IVR reports are also available.

  4. Quality Assurance: RingCentral offers several tools to improve QA. First among these is voice recognition features which scans customer phone call recordings for various responses and emotional states to detect common concerns and behavior. Other features are workflow scheduling and coaching, a preconfigured library of best business practices, and preconfigured workforce optimization tools to assist administration.

  5. Third Party Software Integration: lastly, RingCentral Contact Center also integrates easily with existing business software platforms, programs such as Zendesk and Salesforce are just two examples. Other useful features such as call record creation, click to dial for outbound calls, and integration with existing CRM and ERP systems. By fully integrating with your existing software platforms the RingCentral Contact Center increases overall worker productivity.