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Full-featured phone system Add-on for Google Apps [Case Study]

ringcentral-for-google-desk.jpgHere on Coolhead Tech, we talk a lot about the power of Google Apps, RingCentral and other business apps. Today we're going to take a little break from simply describing perks today, however, and instead discuss a real-life case study. We've covered RingCentral for Google extensively recently, but now we're going to talk about how that effected Lindamood-Bell, a midmarket company based in California.

About Lindamood-Bell 

Lindamood-Bell is an organization of people who teach disabled people- children and adults alike- reading and comprehension. These disabilities include dyslexia, ADHD and various conditions on the autism spectrum. Since their founding in 1986, they've expanded their learning centers across twenty five states in the US, as well as international locations in countries like Brazil, Canada and Switzerland.

While their original location might not have needed an advanced IT rollout, the dawn of the 21st century and their international expansion pushed them to adopt a powerful IT solution: a cloud-based solution.


Why Did They Adopt Google Apps?

A few years ago, Lindamood-Bell began adopting Google Chromebook devices. Cloud computing with cheap Chromebooks provided a low-cost IT solution to their growing pains, in addition to the many business-oriented features that come with the Apps Suite, including 24/7 customer support, advanced administrative features and extra cloud storage. Another primary benefit of Google Apps, especially for modern businesses, is that since it's already presented in the familiar interface of Google's web services, the learning curve is minimal. All of these features, among others, made Google Apps an ideal solution.

However, Lindamood-Bell's adoption of the cloud as a platform wasn't completed yet. Soon after, they adopted RingCentral as a cloud communications solution, offering a cloud-based alternative to expensive, traditional office PBX solutions. RingCentral is a huge step up from traditional PBX in general, but for a business operating in multiple locations across countries or continents, having such a connected solution is huge.


How They Implemented RingCentral For Google

With the release of RingCentral for Google, RingCentral's communication features were integrated into familiar Google Apps. Features like Call Forwarding made it easier for customers to reach the right people, while a friendly user-end interface and customization features benefited the employees.


Lindamood-Bell is known for expanding its learning centers during the summer season, but this expansion used to come with many headaches, due to the temporary locations having different phone numbers and cell phones. RingCentral fixed this issue, too, making seasonal rollouts much easier. One of the most frequently-toted benefit of the cloud as a platform is something called "location independence"- the ability to access important services no matter where you are, and in many cases, no matter what device you happen to be using. Besides cost-saving and location independence, other strong features include better voice quality thanks to VOIP and up to hundreds of simultaneous users.


For a business that performs seasonal expansions, operates across the United States and on an international level, these features weren't just a bonus: they were sorely necessary.


The Case Study and More

If you'd like to learn more specifics, you can access the full case study here.


Otherwise, you can browse our blog to learn more about Google Apps, RingCentral and other business-oriented cloud computing solutions. Relevant to this case study is our in-depth PBX vs RingCentral comparison, which might help you understand why Lindamood-Bell chose to adopt RingCentral for Google instead of a traditional PBX solution.


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