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G Suite Business Users Rejoice! 8x8's Revolutionary New X-Series Has Arrived.

Copy of apps admin blog (2)Introducing the brand-new mid-market and enterprise UC solution from revolutionary communications, collaboration and cloud leaders, 8x8. The brand-new 'X-Series' is a next-generation system packed full of intelligent enterprise features designed to boost engagement within employee and customer interactions.

Now generally available across the US the X-Series is a solution to help companies enhance their enterprise communications with a single cloud-based solution for video, voice, contact center management, collaboration and team messaging. As you might expect from a 6-time Gartner MQ UCaaS leader, the 8x8 X-Series works on any device, with superior AV quality.

In a press release about the new portfolio, Principal Analyst of Information and Communication Technologies for Frost & Sullivan, Rob Arnold noted that today's firms know how important it is to stay at the forefront of customer experience trends. The X-Series is 8x8's way of empowering the modern organization to participate in stronger solutions for customer care. What's more, combining the unified communication and contact center environment gives modern brands the chance to reduce operational costs, improve agility and enhance business performance.

At its heart, the X Series is a single cloud-based solution for engagement intelligence, and it's turning everything we thought we knew about employee satisfaction and customer experience upside down.


X Marks the Spot for Communications Industry Leadership

8x8 knows a thing or two about giving enterprises the UC solutions they need. The company is the 2018 winner for the Call and Contact Expo 'Best Communications Provider' award, and they have more than 1 million business users worldwide. With the X Series, 8x8 hopes to take their portfolio offering to the next level, with a series of plans designed with increasingly powerful features for engagement.

Every 'X' component in the series builds on the plan that came before it. For example, the X2 provides a basic employee engagement experience, while the X4 develops on that solution with a broader range of services for content sharing, conferencing, video, voice, and chat. On the other hand, the X6 and X8 components of the series focus on simultaneously developing employee engagement and customer experience by providing absolute context in the customer service conversation. By empowering staff with the information and content they need to increase speed to resolution, the X Series by 8x8 improves client loyalty and accelerates revenue generation.


8x8's mobile and desktop applications in the X Series integrate seamlessly with G Suite, CRM, and record-keeping systems and provide real-time insights into the needs of the customer in a business environment. The company has even included their patented graphical interaction flows, speech analytics and granular interaction reports in the mix.


Though the X Series only officially launched this week, it's already seen exceptional success with early adopters throughout the mid-market and enterprise - particularly in verticals like retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and technology.


What Does Each 'X' Offer in the X Series?

As mentioned above, each X in the X Series builds on the feature set provided by its predecessor. Let's take a look at just some of the things you can do with each component:

  • The X2: Analytics Essentials: With the X2 users can view outbound and inbound call details, as well as meeting histories, to spot crucial trends. This component of the X-Series helps organizations to manage workflow more efficiently and improve productivity. You can see how many calls were abandoned, missed, or went to voicemail, and whether your customers are getting the communication quality they expect. Features include one-click voice to chat transitions, cross-platform team messaging, google integration, and more. The X2 answers questions like:

    • Do you need to re-route your calls?

    • Are you staffing to meet demand?

    • Are you losing business regularly?

  • The X4: Supervisor Analytics: Designed to support supervisors and service quality reporting, the 'X4' component of the X-Series provides real-time visibility into call-queues, as well as historical details on ring groups. X4 helps with boosting employee productivity and aligning customer service commitments to consumer needs. With support for better service quality, IT professionals will have the control they need to manage various endpoints in their 8x8 network and isolate any potential issues. Features include unlimited global calling across 46 countries, interaction analytics, and meetings for up to 50 people.

  • The X6: Customer Experience Analytics: The X6 series comes with all of the employee engagement features of the X2 and X4 but starts to turn the focus more towards the needs of your customers too. With the X6 component, companies can access a full overview of every action taken by a customer and agent during a call, through a single system of engagement and intelligence. This allows any business to make improvements to their CX strategy based on actual user experiences. Features include one-click expert access, CRM integration, and analytics for customer engagement.

  • The X8: Speech Analytics: Finally, along with all the features we've already mentioned, the X8 component provides a deeper insight into the voice of your target customer. With services like automated speech transcription, keyword trends, and call categorization, 8x8 helps businesses to manage and improve call performance without time-consuming call analysis. Features include predictive outbound campaigns, collaborative performance management, and integrated voice, video, and web chat.

8x8 leads the Way to Better Customer Experience

Ultimately, the new 8x8 X Series provides modern enterprises with a chance to differentiate themselves based on the increasingly-important factor of customer experience. With the X-Series, companies can tap into the potential of context-rich conversations, as well as a single, simplified and immersive cloud platform for collaboration and communication within the enterprise. The X Series supports stronger enterprise communications by:

  • Accelerating Decision-making and Issue resolution: The X-Series provides today's organizations with an interoperable system for internal messaging, that allows teams around the world to connect seamlessly - however they choose. The X Series integrates with 26 different messaging solutions, including apps like Slack, Atlassian Stride, Cisco WebEx Teams and Atlassian Stride. These ease of access to various communication methods helps to streamline interaction in the workplace. Additionally, users can quickly accelerate instant messenger conversations into video conferences and phone calls too!

  • Using Data Intelligence to Boost Customer Engagement: In today's fast-paced world, your customers want their issues to be solved as quickly as possible. Clients are looking for customized support, and excellent experiences from the brands they do business with. If you can't offer the solutions they need fast; then they're more than happy to take their business elsewhere. The 8x8 Series offers a complete view of your customer interactions so that you can access context for your conversations with clients. Agents can tap into recent voice, chat, and email history, to make sure that they know exactly how to help their clients straight away. This eliminates some of the stress that clients feel when they have to constantly repeat their problem to different employees.

  • Identifying trends in Predictive analytics: For some companies, it can feel as though you need a crystal ball to provide the best possible customer experience. The X Series can't give you the power to see the future, but 8x8 has implemented the next best thing - predictive analytics. With the X Series, companies can manage all consumer insights within a comprehensive cloud platform, enhanced with AI and ML opportunities. The platform can provide stronger insights into what your customers need. Using the X Series, company leaders will have the power to make stronger business decisions by proactively identifying patterns in how customers engage. For instance, retail companies can start to see the peaks and changes in store activity throughout certain days of the week, and they can adjust their staffing accordingly. The X Series also comes packaged with innovative tools for analytics and reporting around call quality, which should help you to understand where you're losing customers in sales conversations.

Strengthening your Proposition with 8x8

8x8 has consistently been at the forefront of cloud communications in recent years, delivering some of the most innovative solutions for today's forward-thinking businesses. As a leader in the communication and collaboration world, 8x8 is transforming the way that companies engage with customers and coworkers alike, and the X Series is just another example of 8x8's creative approach.

In a press release about the new product portfolio, Chief Product Officer of 8x8, Dejan Deklich, said that the X Series is the company's attempt to completely redefine the contact center and employee communications world, by bringing internal and external connections together on a single cloud platform. The X Series environment will help companies from all backgrounds, and of all sizes finally make the shift away from using countless disjointed solutions. With the X Series, you can have an entire communication system built into one useful package.

The 8x8 X Series offering is now available throughout the UK and the US, with various pricing plans designed to meet the complex needs of small, mid-sized and enterprise companies. Whether you're looking for basic cloud telephony or a completely integrated and enhanced system for video conferencing, voice, contact center management, team messaging and collaboration, the X Series has you covered.

For more help figuring out what your future looks like on the cloud, or to learn more about 8x8 and the X Series, remember to stay tuned with Coolhead Tech, or reach out to us for assistance!