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Google Expands Data Centres to Deliver New Oracle Service


Google's data centers are expanding in size this month after the announcement of a recent deal with Atos - a world leader in digital transformation tools. The Atos brand chose to strengthen its strategic relationship with the Google cloud environment this year, bringing it's end-to-end experience in cloud orchestration and data management to an already productive Google Cloud environment. The infrastructure services and solutions that Atos has to offer will provide customers with access to a fully secure and conveniently management cloud service via the Oracle database - which will be seamlessly integrated with the GCP. 

The expanded partnership between Google and Atos will lead to the creation of two data centers in North America and Europe (Germany), to support Oracle database customers will fully-managed versions of the cloud. These two environments will be equipped with the Atos BullSequana S servers, which should allow Oracle database customers to run workloads more efficiently and effectively through the GCP. 

The BullSequana S solution from Atos is a modular, high-performance, and highly scalable server that can be customized and configured easily to suit the unique needs of Google and Oracle customers. The new regional data centers, certified by Google, will also be underpinned by Atos cloud orchestration, management, and support capabilities. The upcoming offering from Atos and the Google Cloud platform should be available to users via the Google marketplace and GCP console during the second half of 2019. 


Working Together: Atos and Google Cloud


By expanding their cloud-based relationship, Atos and Google Cloud hope to provide their customers with access to a simple and streamlined process environment for access management, identity management, governance, and administration across any network, from GCP applications to database instances. The new solution from Atos for the Google cloud has also gone a long way towards cementing the strength of the partnership. At Google Cloud Next 19 In San Francisco, Atos earned the title of "Global Breakthrough Partner" of the year at the GCP award ceremony. 

The chairman and CEO of Atos, Thierry Breton said that the agreement marks a significant growth in the two companies' longstanding global partnership, which has previously led to various evolutions, including the creation of a new artificial intelligence data lab in London, among other things. Breton said that he's thrilled to see Atos expanding its global partnership with the Google Cloud so that it can now bring Oracle database customers face-to-face with more benefits from the GCP. 

Thierry believes that the combination of services and solutions from Atos and Google will give customers access to better opportunities when it comes to machine learning and AI offerings. Additionally, the announcement regarding the two expanded data centers in Europe and America reinforces all the incredible work that Atos and Google have done together to drive new offerings for their shared customers. Together, the businesses have brought customers a range of new end-to-end offerings that combine machine learning with AI, hybrid cloud, and digital workplace services. 


Expanding Google Offerings with Atos


The CEO for the Google Cloud Platform, Thomas Kurian, who joined the company in 2019, after 22 years working with Oracle, is excited to see the partnership progress too. In an announcement about the upcoming growth of the Google data centers, Thomas Kurian noted that a technology development between the two tech brands is something that the brands have seen a rising demand for from their shared customers. 

Kurian said that running Oracle data workloads is an excellent opportunity for people who want to be able to access their Oracle functionality, while still benefitting from the Google Cloud Platform. The Atos offering means that Oracle database customers will have the option to take advantage of Google's evolving infrastructure and scale, as well as the company's strengths in areas like machine learning, AI, and data analysis. All of Google's offerings will also be backed by Atos's experience in migration and business transformation. 

Google has been prioritizing the process of building out its managed database proposition lately, with a slew of new partnerships appearing in the media headlines. Currently, Google has collaborated with seven open-source database, analytics, and data management companies. The GCP plans to work with these organizations to integrate their offerings into the GCP and make the solution even more compelling.