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Google Announces Decision to Acquire Looker

body-language-business-etiquette-businesspeople-1179804The only way is up for Google and the Google Cloud Platform lately. 

Since the Cloud Next event in April, Google has constantly been introducing innovations and exciting news about its evolving technology. We've seen the arrival of Gmail confidential messaging, Work Insights for G-Suite, and even new pricing discounts for the Google Cloud. 

Although June started with a few issues for Google in the form of an unexpected outage caused by Congestion, the cloud company isn't letting anything get it down. On the 6th of June, the company revealed that it had entered into new agreements to purchase a business called 'Looker'. The acquisition will provide Google with access to Looker's unified platform for data applications, business intelligence, and state-of-the-art analytics. 

Since Google is already an expert in the analytics and business intelligence space, the acquisition of Looker makes perfect sense to the growing brand. When the acquisition closes, the full Looker team and all of its software will join the Google Cloud Platform


Upgrading Data Analytics and Storage


Google has a particularly strong focus on improving the data storage and warehousing capabilities that customers have these days. Recently, the brand announced a new partnership with Snowflake, which will allow customers using the Snowflake system for data warehousing to tap into additional benefits on the Google Cloud. 

Now that the company is purchasing Looker, there's a good chance that we'll see even more functionality emerging on the portfolio for companies that want to digitally transform. Already, the Google Cloud platform gives customers access to a wide range of scalable data warehouses and data analytics solutions. A lot of customers are already using the Google BigQuery warehouse to manage and organize their business data. However, the acquisition of Looker will extend Google's business analytics portfolio even further. 

One of the most crucial updates to the BI portfolio that comes with Looker is the ability to definite crucial business metrics in a single consistent environment. This will ensure that anyone in a team can query data while maintaining definitions that remain consistent and concise. Looker will also provide Google with a powerful upgrade to its analytics platform, that delivers applications for business intelligence. Users will be able to access the Looker platform to explore use-case solutions to problems with things like Sales analytics and business decision making. 

Google believes that the addition of Looker to its Cloud platform will help it to offer clients a more comprehensive analytics solution. When you come to Google with your analytics needs, you'll be able to handle everything from data ingestion to AI training in the same platform. 


Growing the Google Portfolio


The most recent Google acquisition builds on the relationship that Google already had with Looker. In the past, the brands have shared customers like King, Buzzfeed, Yahoo! And more. All of these businesses use the Google and Looker solutions to get more value out of their business data and analytics. 

Google also announced that the acquisition of Looker will continue to support its strategic commitment to helping businesses improve their multi-cloud environments. When the Looker technology integrates into the Google Cloud Platform, customers using both services will be able to maintain the benefits of Looker's multi-cloud functionality. The service can draw data from various SaaS applications, including Zendesk, Marketo, and Salesforce. Additionally, there's also the option to pull up data from traditional data resources too. Google believes that this integration will allow companies to create a cohesive layer of data built on the cloud database of their choosing. 

Whether you're using Snowflake, Oracle, Azure SQL, or anything else, you'll have the opportunity to expand your data opportunities with both Looker and Google Cloud. Google also reassures Looker customers that they will continue to get the high-quality of support and service that they've come to expect, supplemented by Google's best-of-breed tools and technology. 

Businesses in search of a new way to enhance their digital transformation efforts are sure to benefit from the unique combination of Looker and Google Cloud for data management and analytics. The acquisition of Looker is set to come to a close this year and will be subject to regulatory approval and closing conditions. Google has already announced, however, that it is thrilled to be welcoming Looker into the Google cloud.