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GQueues Launches New Team Queues for G-Suite


Google has released a lot of positive announcements in the last few months, about both its cloud environment and the G-Suite productivity suite too. However, while on the one hand, Google is progressing admirably in its quest to become a better solution for today's enterprise companies, on the other hand, there's still a great deal of work to be done. 

For instance, Google recently faced issues after it accidentally deleted a company's data, according to a report from Oakland, California. Additionally, even without problems in poor customer service, Google still has threats to consider when it comes to coming head-to-head with leading productivity suite providers like Microsoft. 

One of the ways that Google hopes to get ahead of the game in the years to follow is by investing in both strategic acquisitions and partnerships with leading brands. GQueues, one of the leading task management solutions built specifically for G-Suite, recently announced that it is working on a new way to make Google more accessible in the age of collaborative workforce. 

Supporting the Rise of Collaboration

Collaboration is one of the biggest buzzwords in the business growth landscape today. As workplaces become more dispersed and distributed around the world, thanks to globalization and remote working trends, companies can't just communicate anymore; they need to collaborate too. Fortunately, team collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, G-Suite with Hangouts, and Cisco Webex Teams have emerged to serve these needs. 

Unfortunately for Google, the company has yet to gain as much ground as other competitors when it comes to delivering collaborative tools. That's one of the reasons why the GQueues brand launched in the first place. GQueues is the leading Google-focused task management service created for people and teams in the modern workplace. The tool uses a familiar seamless interface, combined with in-depth integrations to Google products to give people more simplicity and freedom when they're working together over the cloud. 

GQueues aims to make teams, individuals, organizations, and companies more effective at working smarter and getting things done. Thousands of customers across the planet today count on GQueues to keep their organizations in sync. Now, the organization is introducing a brand new Team Queues product, specifically for the G-Suite. The Team Queues feature gives businesses the power to create specific teams in the Google environment, complete with specific roles and permissions for each member of those teams. 

Using G-Suite for Productivity

Already, countless companies rely on the G-Suite to boost the productivity and efficiency of their teams. However, until now, Google has struggled to keep up with giants like Microsoft and Cisco in the collaboration space. The introduction of Team Queues by GQueues could be just the kind of add-on that Google needs to take its functionality to the next level. With Team Queues, new task lists can be shared automatically with all of the team members in your group. Additionally, it's possible to create separate calendars for every team you run, complete with 2-way syncing in Google calendar. 

The result of adding GQueues to the G-Suite is that you end up with a more comprehensive environment where you can keep personal tasks private, and share group tasks with others simultaneously. There's also shared tags available so that team members can easily filter through the projects that have been assigned to them. What's more, administrators can use tags to ensure that everyone is organizing their workload in an efficient manner. Overall, the experience enhances the usability and functionality of G-Suites so that teams can more easily collaborate on tasks when they're connected by nothing but the flexibility of the cloud. 

According to the Founder of GQueues, by combining task management with G-Suite's flexibility, the brand has been able to create a way for teams to keep everyone on the same page. The tool also ensures that tasks are less likely to slip through the cracks. The feedback that GQueues has received from hundreds of beta testers in their community suggests that it could be one of the most valuable apps on the current G-Suite marketplace. 

As Google continues to expand its offering in the enterprise environment, the chances are that we'll continue to see the addition of new tools like GQueues in the app marketplace. Eventually, G-Suite could prove itself to be the collaborative tool that today's companies are looking for.