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Heating Up App Creation with Google Firebase


firebase-rocksDeveloping an app isn't just about coming up with a great idea or having the right tech support on-board. You need a comprehensive back-end system to help you create a tool that's immersive, engaging and designed to work seamlessly with your business.

The good news is that there are plenty of server-size solutions on the market. The bad news is that it's not always easy to choose the one that's going to deliver a truly comprehensive experience. As usual, it seems that we can rely on Google to provide something that blows many of the competitors out of the water.

Google Firebase is the ultimate productivity solution for mobile app teams. Before the technology was purchased by Google, it was simply a Startup called Envolve which gave developers APIs to integrate online chat functionality into websites. Now, Firebase has become a multi-functional hub of creation and optimization.

The question is, do you know how to use it to your advantage as part of your GCP strategy?


Introducing Firebase: Support for your Apps Admin

For mobile app teams in your GCP strategy or a modern mid-market app admin, Firebase is a gift of efficiency and functionality. According to the head of the Firebase segment of Google, the mission of the service is to give teams the solutions that they need to succeed, no matter how large or complex their projects may be.

Today, Firebase is built on top of the Google Cloud platform, which means that you get all of the flexibility, enterprise-level control, and scale that you could want from a Google application. However, you also get an exceptional range of advanced features, including predictions, analytics, and machine learning solutions. Firebase:

Helps your App admin to build and manage apps quickly, without being overwhelmed by infrastructure. Through Firebase, you'll have access to various capabilities like databases, analytics, messages, and even reporting on crashes, so you can keep everything running smoothly.

Protects your productivity: Like all of the other apps in your GCP strategy, the Firebase selection of tools is built within and on Google infrastructure, which means that it's secure and stable. What's more, it can scale automatically to suit the needs of your apps.

Streamlines growth: With Firebase, there's no need to switch between multiple tools to accomplish app projects. All of the systems that you need are available to access on the same pain of glass, with support for iOS, Android, C++ and more.


Using Google Firebase to Build Better Apps 

Firebase is a highly immersive tool that allows companies to develop scalable, secure, and powerful application experiences using the infrastructure you know that you can trust from Google. As part of a comprehensive strategy for your app-building team, Firebase comes equipped with:

Cloud Firestore: A solution that allows you to sync and store crucial information between devices and users around the globe. You can sync your information offline and offline and create applications that are genuinely server-free.

ML Kit: Give your Apps Admin the power they need to truly evolve your network with powerful machine learning features to suit any level of knowledge. Google provides easy-to-use APIs so you can tap into simple and effective use cases for AI in your apps, or you can import your custom models too.

Cloud Functions: Expand the possibilities of your app with cloud-based Google firebase features that don't require your team to manage or scale their servers. You can trigger your functions through events emitted by Google Cloud services, Firebase products, and third-party webhooks.

Authentication: Don't just excel at Google Firebase app creation, give your admins the strength to manage those apps securely too. Firebase Auth provides various authentication methods to keep your tools secure, including email and password and login via Facebook or Google. You can also develop your own internal account system with a fully customizable UI.

· Hosting: Make sure your GCP strategy is truly comprehensive with simplified web hosting. Google Firebase features come complete with tools specifically designed for modern web pages. Every time you upload web assets, the Google network will push them into the global CDN, complete with a free SSL certificate to keep them secure.

Cloud Storage: Making up one of the most crucial parts of the app infrastructure, Google Firebase's hosting option allows you to store and share your user-generated content, from images and audio to video, with scalable object storage. Additionally, the Firebase SDKs add enhanced security to any file downloads or uploads for Firebase apps.

Real-time database: Discover the opportunities that come with syncing and storing data between devices and users in real-time with Google's ultimate cloud-hosted NoSQL database. Your updated data will instantly sync over all connected devices within a matter of milliseconds, so you can still get to the data you need even when you're offline.


Using Google Firebase to Improve App Quality

Google Firebase app creation isn't just a solution for building apps more effectively; it can also make the tools created by your business more stable and sustainable too. With the support of Google Firebase, it's possible to build an application that makes the most out of your resources and reduces the pressure on your app admin. Some of the features available to improve app quality include:

Crashlytics: A helpful dashboard designed to reduce troubleshooting time by showing you any issues with your application in an easy-to-follow list. Crashlytics provides actionable and cohesive insights int what's going on with your system, so you can tackle the issues most likely to affect your users first.

Test Lab: With test lab, you can run custom, and automatic tests for each of your Google firebase features on any physical or virtual devices that Google hosts. This way, it's quick and easy to find any inconsistencies or bugs that might be damaging app experience.

Performance monitoring: Quickly and effectively diagnose any problems with app performance as they occur on your user devices. Use traces to monitor the performance of various parts of your application and see a complete view of your Firebase console. This will help you to stay on top of your app's performance times and monitor any HTTP requests.


Using Google Firebase for Business Transformation

Just like many components of a well-implemented GCP strategy, Google Firebase is an excellent way to help you transform your business and experience new growth. Just some of the features that you can use add value to your apps include: 

In-App messaging: Ensure that your Apps admin can engage and nurture and users in your network with messages that keep them connected. You'll even be able to set up triggered signals that activate based on specific user behavior.

Google Analytics: Take full advantage of the most popular analytics system on the web with an immersive dashboard that provides actionable insights into user behavior. You can unlock real-time report insights, export raw event data into Google BigQuery and more.

Predictions: Upgrade your Google Firebase app creation strategies with the potential of the Google Machine Learning system to get insights into which of your users are getting the most out of your tools. If you're creating business apps, you can even see how well they're being adopted by employees.

A/B testing: make sure that your applications are performing at their best by performing simple product experiments without having to set up complex infrastructure in advance. Once you've tested your options, you can roll out new features at your own pace.

Cloud messaging: Send notifications and messages to the users on your applications across any platform, including Android, iOS, and even the web. Send your messages to device groups or cover specific topics for specific segments to avoid information overload.

Remote Configuration: Give your App admin complete control over determining how apps render for each user in your network. You can change the feel of your application, deliver new features slowly, or even provide specific users with customized content from your Firebase console.

Dynamic Links: Use Dynamic Links as part of your GCP strategy to deliver an enhanced user experience for Android, iOS, and the web. You can also use these tools to power a more effective mobile web with native app conversions, as well as user-ot-use sharing too.

App Indexing: Make sure that you have the power to re-engage users with any of their installed apps using an advanced Google Search Integration.


Mix and Match Your Firebox Strategy

Part of what makes Google Firebase features so appealing is the fact that you can mix and match them to solve any problems you might have in your business. There's no need to roll out every feature at once, and you can pick the ones most likely to deliver long-lasting and sustainable results.

For instance, imagine that your App Admin wanted to take advantage of the machine learning services in your GCP strategy to improve employee performance and access useful insights. Tools like Firebase prediction would give you access to more intelligent and specific targeting groups that you can use to learn about your app's potential. The Predictions service brings all the possibilities of machine learning into your strategy.

Combine Predictions with Google's Analytics feature, and you'll have a comprehensive tool for gaining helpful insights from essential business data. You can then create dynamic user groups based on predictable behavior, which can be used alongside Remote Config to target specific users in your community that aren't getting the most out of their app.

Not only does Google Firebase give you the opportunity to mix-and-match your favorite apps from its selection of fantastic tools, but there's also the option to upgrade your tool creation strategy with integrations with some of the other leading apps on the web, such as:

Google Ads: find and retain users with Google's incredible reach. You'll be able to run ads for your application across the Google video, display and Search networks, as well as targeting specific customers using Google Analytics designed for Firebase.

AdMob: Earn some extra cash by displaying dynamic advertisements to global audience members from all backgrounds. AdMob provides state-of-the-art strategies for monetization for app creators who want to enhance their revenue generation opportunities.

Google Marketing Platform: Another great tool for people who want to expand the possibilities of their Google Firebase app creation strategy, the Google marketing platform connects you to the right people at the best moments so that your advertising campaigns are more likely to lead to conversions.

Data Studio: Enhance and improve your workflows with visual analytics using Google's immersive data studio - a technology strategy designed for the App Admin that needs to consume, visualize and distribute valuable data. Data Studio can scale seamlessly across your entire network.  

BigQuery: This highly scalable and serverless enterprise data warehouse makes it easier to get the most out of your data analyst's productivity levels. There's no need to manage any infrastructure, so your teams can focus on making the most of the information that's available through familiar SQL solutions.


Google Firebase and Your GCP Strategy

For businesses that deal in app creation or companies that require an App Admin capable of creating immersive experiences for their teams, Firebase could be a fantastic addition to your network. Not only is Google Firebase brimming with helpful features to support virtually any use case, but it's also designed to work seamlessly with the rest of your GCP strategy.

Firebase is the official mobile app development platform for Google, designed to empower today's teams to create amazing apps, grow accessibility and improve performance. This amazing network of tools is built for productivity and performance, with the option to pull in various aspects of your Google Cloud Platform solution as your team or needs develop.

Try Firebase for yourself today by heading here.

On the other hand, if you want to find out more about empowering your Apps Admin, making the most out of your mid-market company, or simply exploring the potential of Google and the GCP, reach out to Coolhead Tech. We're always here to help.