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Top 5 Data Migration Options that are available in Google Workspace

Data migration options

Leading Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, Google, has begun to make significant strides over the past year, to help attract enterprises to the Google Cloud Platform. Since the arrival of its new CEO, Google Cloud has spared no expense in making the GCP more attractive to enterprise customers, hoping that tackling this marketplace will make it more competitive against the likes of Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. 

One of the major issues that most enterprise companies will have when it comes to accepting Google as their IaaS vendor, however, is that moving data from one cloud or on-premise environment to another can be tricky. It's something that the majority of today's brands would rather avoid entirely. To help overcome this migration issue, Google is now offering a wide variety of state-of-the-art tools to smooth out and enhance the process. 

If you're interested in moving into the Google Cloud environment for the first time, you now have multiple options available for migration. As with most transformation strategies, the path to success begins with considering what you need from your migration service. Here are some of the top options available. 

Google Transfer Appliance 

The Transfer Appliance system from Google is an offline migration service intended to support bulk data transfer strategies. The physical device used for this transfer is a high-capacity storage server that users can load with their on-premise data and ship to the Google Cloud facility. At this point, the data can be uploaded into a new storage environment through Google. 

There are two Transfer Appliance options currently available from Google, including the 480TB and 100TB sizes. These two options allow you to migrate large amounts of data, though usually, they're effective for backup and archive information. 

The Google Cloud Storage Transfer Service

The Google Cloud Storage Transfer Service is a simple and effective migration tool intended to move data from HTTP/HTTPS locations with another provider, into the Google Cloud Storage network. You can use this service to easily and securely back up the data that you don't want to lose in your existing cloud environment, then move it from one area to the cloud to another with as little hassle as possible. 

Some people also rely on the Google Cloud Storage Transfer option to make a periodic data movement strategy when they don't want to shift too much information at once. You can even use it to sync the data between two data sources so that you can ensure that you're ready for an efficient migration when the time comes to jump into a different cloud. You'll need access to the GCP, Storage Transfer Service, or Console UI to use this service. 

Google Cloud Migrate for Compute Engine 

One of the more impressive migration tools from Google is the Cloud Migrate solution for Compute Engine. The solution is designed to move local VMWare VMs and vSphere data from existing cloud instances into the GCP. The migration tool allows enterprises to move their data from one environment to another in stages that suit their schedule and cloud strategy. This means that you don't have to rush too quickly into a different cloud environment - particularly if you're interested in using a multi-cloud campaign. 

Within the Migrate option from Google, there's also a comprehensive management tool that administrators can use to handle all the various components of the migration from one stage to the next. 

Google BigQuery Data Transfer Service

A simple and convenient managed service delivered by the Google team; the Google BigQuery Data Transfer service is specifically suited to people who want to move their data from SaaS environments into BigQuery tools. The process is quick and automated, with the option to schedule transfers at times that suit your organization. 

In this case, Google can handle real-time updates to the service as necessary, providing access to data connectors that move information from various environments, including Amazon S3 and Teradata. 

Google Cloud Sprint

Cloud Sprint from Google is a professional service that gives enterprises a more complete hands-on workshop for cloud migration. With assistance provided by Google Cloud experts, enterprises using this strategy can learn how to design, update, and migrate applications within their cloud environments.

Experts from Google can also offer advice on how to move into the next steps with your system, upgrading to a new environment, dealing with dependencies, and more. You can also use full-service partners recommended by Google to help with the transition, like Accenture or Sureline.

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