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Make an Impact with these 4 Innovative Integrations for Hubspot

integrations-innovation-award-badge.pngWhen it comes to inbound marketing nobody does it better than Hubspot's software platform. Hubspot helps you attract inbound visitors, convert them into leads, and then turn those leads into lifelong customers. It's no secret that outbound marketing is dead and Hubspot was essentially built on that principle. They provide all the needed tools to optimize your inbound content, automate your marketing, and analyze your campaigns.

Hubspot is a fantastic platform on its own but can be made even better with all of the business app integrations available. From call tracking to content services to CRM, Hubspot's business app integrations allow you to customize the platform to fit your needs.


1.  Easily connect Shopify to Hubspot with a click of the button with HubShop.ly by Groove


Hubshop.ly allows you to easily integrate your customer and order data from your e Commerce site into Hubspot helping to increase your store's revenue. With Groove you can turn your customer information into profitable and automated campaigns in Hubspot.

These automated email campaigns can include:

  • Welcome emails
  • Promotional emails
  • Post purchase follow up and review requests
  • Cart abdonment emails


The abandoned cart recovery solutions can greatly increase sales as it enables Groove to capture the information of site visitors who have abandoned their cart and transfer that data into a smart list. You can then setup workflows in Hubspot to entice the list to revisit your site and complete their purchase.

With Grooves' advanced reporting and analytics you can fully sync important customer information such as total revenue and products ordered, to better target your customers. Groove is a leading resource for content creation, digital marketing, SEO and paid advertising. Groove's full suite of features will take your inbound marketing to the next level.


2.    Eventbrite's Native Hubspot Integration provides unique timeline insights.



Inbound is great but nothing compares to face to face meetings for connecting with your customers. The Eventbrite app integration for Hubspot brings you the best of both the inbound and outbound marketing world. With Eventbrite you can easily create and advertise your events. Once connected to Hubspot, Eventbrite will transform your event into a successful inbound campaign that will generate opportunities for you long after your event has ended. The integration helps you nurture leads from events to convert more customers.

Attendees from your event will be automatically synced to Hubspot as new contacts to be entered into workflows and other inbound marketing emails. You can also see how existing contacts have engaged with you before the event giving you some topics to discuss at the face to face meeting. You can track the success of each event by seeing what steps the attendees took with your company after the event. The best part about Eventbrite for Hubspot is that its free to use, so why not get the most out of your events.


3.  Zapier Provides Endless Opportunties to integrate Hubspot with almost Any Business App


Zapier makes it extremely simple to connect your web applications and automate workflows. The integration links your web apps so they can pass and share data saving you time and effort of having to manually input information. Zapier connects more than 500 applications together, simply pick a trigger and follow up action for your workflow and Zapier will get to work.

With Hubspot and Zapier together there are a multitude of syncing possibilities that will make your life easier. You can sync contacts between Mailchimp and Hubspot, send new Google contacts to Hubspot, get slack notifications for new Hubspot form submissions and more. Just think of all the times you have copied and pasted or re entered information into Hubspot, with Zapier all of those will be automatic.


4.  Invoca Integrates inbound call intelligence with Hubspot

Invoca is a leading provider of call intelligence and offers the best analytics into your telephony data. With Invoca you get a more in depth intelligence into what campaigns are increasing your incoming calls, provide the best call experience for your customer, and optimize your marketing to drive more quality calls to your business.

Invoca is the solution to a major challenge that marketers face and fills the gap in analytical data. Without Invoca it’s difficult to get the full data on your inbound marketing campaigns. Now you can tie inbound calls to your marketing efforts to see the true success of your campaigns. Once integrated with Hubspot you can link your campaigns and see which keywords, campaigns and channels are driving calls to your company.



Hubspot brings together an arsenal of tools you need to attract and convert leads on your website. With Hubspot business app integrations you can only improve your inbound marketing success. You can view all of Hubspot's business app integrations here.