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Ready, Set, Action! Media and Entertainment Solutions on Google Cloud

media-entertainment on google cloud
Austin is an area that thrives on media and entertainment.  With SXSW here this week we're reminded how much we love the creativity, innovation, and excitement that exists here. For the countless media and entertainment companies out there today, there's a shift happening in the digital world. Around 14% of media companies say that they're heavily using the public cloud - a process that's contributing to $2 trillion each year in Global entertainment and media revenues!

The immense amount of computing energy and storage demanded by entertainment and media workloads is what makes Google's global cloud infrastructure such a great fit for M&E organizations. Studies that are rendering graphics, storing videos, and developing smart technologies in the entertainment world are all getting fantastic traction in the cloud today, thanks to things like per-minute billing and flexible pricing.

According to Google, the aim behind using the Google Cloud Platform for media and entertainment is to level the playing field for creative professionals who might not have a great deal of budget to spend on their development. No matter what part of the creative industry you might be involved with, the Google cloud will provide the reach and computational power you need to accomplish incredible things.

Today, any company can access the resources previously only available to large media and broadcast companies. From content creation and ingestion to graphics rendering, archive, and storage, Google allows brands to focus on creating works of arts, rather than worrying about infrastructure.


Who Can Make the Most of Google Cloud Media & Entertainment?

Success in the media and entertainment world is all about getting your content in front of the right people - wherever they might be. Of course, ensuring that your content has the power to travel around the globe and connect with users on demand is a process that requires significant computational power and huge infrastructure. This is why companies like Spotify have already moved their data workloads into the Google Cloud Platform.

The GCP runs on the same secure infrastructure that currently powers Google - the biggest search engine in the world. This means that you can rest assured that you'll have the scale you need. With the Google Cloud, entertainment and media companies can render huge amounts of content even at peak times, as well as launching applications, streaming video to huge audiences, and more. The turnkey Anvato solution for OTT delivery and video broadcasting also means that Google users can reach the largest audience available.

Perhaps one of the most compelling things about the Google Cloud for Media and Entertainment is that the solutions available can adapt easily into hybrid and multi-cloud environments - which ensures that organisations are never locked into a solution. They can also sign up for free trials to build a proof of concept.


Just some of the features of the Google Cloud for Entertainment and media companies include:

  • Rendering: Access Google's infrastructure and astronomical reach from the modeling tools that most artists already use. Get the scale you need to transform your business.

  • Live Streaming: Bring your creativity to a new audience with the Google Cloud Platform and Anvato's live streaming tech.

  • Live to Video on Demand: Enjoy automated video-on-demand creation.

  • Video Transcoding/Encoding: use unique hybrid tech on the cloud to combine the scale of Google cloud technology with on-premise processing equipment.

  • Cloud editing: Design and enhance your videos with cloud solutions for syndicating clips and content.

  • Social Syndication: Send your content through to premium companies like Netflix, Hulu, Comcast, and social destinations like Twitter and Facebook too.

  • Dynamic Ad Insertion: Select and insert high-value advertisements into your content for each user, while eliminating buffering on live streams.

  • CDN: Leverage the globally-distributed edge points in Google to ensure accelerated content delivery for applications and websites taken from the Google Compute Engine.

  • Video Intelligence API: Make your videos searchable and extract meta-data with a simple REST API.


Tapping into the Media Benefits of Google Cloud

For organizations in the media and entertainment industry to engage their audience and transform their content into profits, they need a powerful infrastructure and a robust data experience. The Google Cloud can assist Media and Entertainment brands with:

  • Media Archiving and Disaster Recovery: As high-definition video and 4K continue to increase the amount of storage and bandwidth today's media companies need, GCP is ideal for scalability. With it, you can store information and media indefinitely, using Google Cloud Storage.

  • Create Personalized Content for Better Customer Experience: In the highly-connected media landscape we're living in today, data is constantly being generated by every user who views your media. You can collect, analyze, and transform that information into actionable insights, and deliver more personalized services to your customer's thanks to Google Cloud Big Data solutions. The BigQuery serverless data warehouse can auto scale for performance and run rapid queries on huge amounts of data, so you get insights faster.

  • Distribute and monetize content more effectively: Thanks to the support of Google's advanced AI and machine learning network, it's easier for media creators to determine how, when, and where they tell their stories. Machine learning can help organizations to create searchable databases of their content and create closed-captions for users in various languages. The Google Machine Learning framework means that you don't need to be an AI expert to tap into the benefits of smart technology. Companies can use pre-trained models like natural language processing and video intelligence to discover more in their content. What's more, they can also train their own custom models with TensorFlow and the Cloud Machine Learning Engine.

Media and entertainment is an area that's becoming more innovative, personalized, and engaging than ever before. Not only can brands offer more customized solutions to their audiences based on incredible data insights, but they can also distribute, store, and create their content more effectively too - saving time and money in the long term.

If you're a media or entertainment business who wants to discover the benefits of the Google Cloud Platform, reach out to us at Coolhead Tech today to press play on a stronger future for your company.

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