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4 More New Features from RingCentral in May.

business-apps-updates-roundup.pngRingCentral is a prominent cloud PBX service that we cover a lot here on Coolhead Tech.    RingCentral the company offers digital phone services to businesses all around the globe.   They're an early leader in this field, and have been present since 2003. Today, we'll be discussing the best new features released to RingCentral users this month, and how you might use them.


As Apps Admins of course our favorite new feature of the month is the New Admin Roles in RingCentral.  But RingCentral releases new features monthly, which is one of the benefits of not only having a Cloud PBX system but one from the best business VoIP provider in the world.     Here are our four more favorite features that RingCentral released in May, 2016.


RingCentral Global Office


Global Office enables businesses to have an international presence with local phone numbers in different regions, localized phone service, worldwide extension-to-extension dialing, and more. Businesses large enough to work in different countries often hit a lot of issues with communication, but with the features offered by Global Office, RingCentral can tie everyone together like they're still in the same place.


Hot Desking for Co-Working


Hot Desking allows employees to share the same desk phone remotely. This means that people who are out of the office can still use their very same numbers, voicemail and extension profiles. However, this service is only available with Polycom VVX phones- Global Office sites won't work, and other extra steps for setup need to be taken.


Cloud Contacts in RingCentral's Mobile App


With RingCentral's mobile app, you can manage Cloud Contacts! Cloud contacts are synced across mobile and desktop applications seamlessly, thanks to the power of the cloud. To have your contacts synced between multiple devices, all you need to do is make sure you have the apps installed. For people who have a long list of business contacts and multiple phones, Cloud Contacts and other features can combine all of these into one list of contacts, available on any device. Using the Favorites feature, users can also prioritize certain callers and contacts.


RingCentral Contact Center Updates


As a business that serves a global audience over the Internet, RingCentral obviously understands the needs of a powerful customer call center solution. They've had Contact Center for a while, but with a new feature called "MAX" (My Agent eXperience), this should become easier than ever for enterprise customers to manage. MAX offers live chat with up to eight contacts simultaneously, in addition to an integrated email client and other advanced features. For instance, you can use chat-specific timers that show how long it's been since a client's sent a message that hasn't been responded to.

Coolhead.Tech admins can talk to you about the benefits of RingCentral's Call center solution.   Here's the form to fill out:  Request RingCentral Contact Center Expert




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