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Our 5 Favorite Cloud Certifications and Credentials of 2016


Here at Coolhead Tech, our experience means that we know how to value expertise in computers and technology. Specifically, we like those who have extensive knowledge in the fields of cloud computing applications, wireless network management and marketing software expertise.

In this article, we'll show you our five favorite certifications.


5. Google App Engine Cloud Developer

The Google App Engine qualification is for developers who're creating and deploying applications in App Engine, or the people configuring, maintaining and scaling those applications in real-world business scenarios.


The exam costs $100 per exam, with a passing grade being considered a 75% grade with 50% or more in each topic section. Barring this, you'll need to do a retake of the exam, and each retake has a time delay. The first retake takes two weeks; the second, sixty days; and the third, a full year.

To learn more about this certification and what it covers, click here.


4. Ruckus Wireless Solutions Engineer

The Ruckless Wireless Solutions Engineer Certification is for a high-level understanding of wireless technologies and Ruckus' line of Routers.


For a business like us, who has to make large-scale wireless deployments alongside Google Apps, Ruckus Wireless shows a clear understanding of good hardware and qualifications.


Ruckus has multiple courses and certifications, including free online courses for Sales and the basic Solutions Engineer. To learn more about this and other certifications from Ruckus Wireless- our personal favorite Wi-Fi solution- read their page.


3. RingCentral Communication Expert

RingCentral is a business that deals primarily with the cloud, VoIP and cloud PBX services for businesses. Therefore, their Communications Expert curriculum covers about what you'd expect: router and firewall settings, switches, POE (power over ethernet), QoS (quality of service technologies), and more.

To learn more about this curriculum, click here.


2. Hubspot Certification

The HubSpot Certification is a free marketing course that's open to all HubSpot customers. It covers proficiency and knowledge of inbound marketing, and being capable of passing the tests shows a clear understanding of marketing.


We offer Hubspot services to many of our business partners, managing emails, landing pages and social media posts.


Interestingly, HubSpot has the certification expire after a year, due to the fast-paced nature of the Internet and the way marketing changes to go along with it. To learn more about this certification and how you can take it, head over to HubSpot's website.


1. Google Apps Certified Administrator

Last but not least, being a Google Apps Certified Administrator is one of our most highly-valued certifications, and for obvious reasons. We at Coolhead Tech deal with rolling out Google Apps and other cloud solutions for schools and businesses all over, and you can't be rolling out a Google Apps solution without knowing how to properly manage it.


The exam itself covers user account management, organizational units, mail management, security and more. Like the App Engine exam, this one costs $100 and requires the full price to be paid upon retakes. Also like that exam, the first retake is a two week delay, the second is a sixty day delay, and the third is a full year's delay.


Learning More

If you're new to this, it might be too soon to consider tackling any of these exams. Fortunately for you, our blog is full of informative guides and articles on Google Apps, VoIP, the cloud and other IT technologies.


Of course, maybe you're just shopping around for the right Google Apps partner. We here at Coolhead Tech have been in business since 2008, and have worked tirelessly to provide Google Apps for Business and Education, as well as Hubspot. If that level of experience sounds appealing to you, contact us for a consultation.