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An Apps Admin for Hubspot is Like Having a Personal Trainer for Your Portal.

hubspot-apps-admin-trainer.jpgWhen we're trying to get in shape, personal trainers save us from our greatest adversary: ourselves. 

In a similar way, having apps administration prevents your Hubspot efforts from falling into neglect, disorder, and general flabbiness. Apps admin is the personal trainer of your Hubspot-centric marketing, and it can make a wonderful difference. 


In fact, here are three reasons why having an apps admin is like a personal trainer for your Hubspot.



1. An Apps Admin Can Keep You Accountable


Hubspot's apps are overflowing with helpful features, but if you're not diligent in making use of every tool and keeping up with every cyclical task, it's easy to lag behind. Suddenly you're becoming ineffective. You have all this power at your fingertips, but most of it is sitting unused or so badly organized that it's not gaining any traction for you.


An Apps Admin puts an end to that. When you have an Apps Admin in your corner, they assist with managing any ghost writers, optimizing every blog post, and scheduling them. But that's just the beginning. The Apps Admin also harnesses your social media by scheduling and monitoring social media posts and making sure that each post is getting maximum impressions and click-through rates. We also use analytics to ensure that each piece of content is being seen by the right person in your key audience at the right time.


Admins also provide in-depth reporting about which topics and content is performing the best. We then help you take action on that data in effective ways. It's very similar to how a personal trainer would analyze your health condition or review your progress from workout to workout, and then draw up the right strategy for that period in time.


2. Apps Admin Keeps Your SEO in Shape and Thriving

Another time-consuming task is keeping up with the latest SEO trends. Google's algorithms are ever-changing, and it takes diligence and hard work to stay informed about best practices. HubSpot certainly lifts the load with its helpful SEO tools, but it still takes work to stay on top of it. As an Apps Admin manages your blog content and creates landing pages, he or she will ensure every piece of content has the latest and greatest SEO practices. Your content will not be lagging behind in the search engine rankings and your business will not be getting flabby and out of shape in its understanding of the most current SEO.


3. Apps Admin Establishes Helpful Goals

Hubspot has powerful integrations besides its marketing platform, such as the app Signals, which does very specific monitoring of clicks and customer activity with your campaigns. This is just one example of how Hubspot--with its powerful Marketing and CRM platforms--allows you to analyze vast amounts of data, monitor customer behavior, and measure the success of your content. But what good is having all of that data and integrative technology if you don't have the time or staff power to make effective use of it?

This is how an Apps Admin steps in like a personal trainer.


The Apps Admin helps manage all of the tools mentioned above(and more) and gathers all the relevant data to help you establish helpful goals that will drive your business forward and keep you from flailing. The Apps Admin will also know exactly which app will work for what kind of goal, and then the Admin will make sure all of your apps and tools are in place to make it happen.


The Challenge of Inbound Marketing Requires a Powerful Strategy

When it comes down to it, a personal trainer is someone who carves out an effective strategy for your physical fitness and health, and then makes sure it happens. That's exactly what having an Apps Admin does for your Hubspot: the assistance of an Apps Admin establishes a path for success and gives you the tools to get down that path as quickly and successfully as possible.



Contact us for more helpful tips on apps administration and effective Hubspot strategy.