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Discover how Mid-market companies receive big productivity Gains with RingCentral for Google.

ringcentral-for-google-desk.jpgHere at Coolhead Tech, we focus on the latest innovations in cloud computing for businesses and education. Because of this, we're partners with both Google Apps for Work and RingCentral, In this article, we'll discuss RingCentral for Google, and how that can benefit you.

What are Google Apps and RingCentral?

Google Apps deals with Google's suite of cloud-based productivity and communication applications. Chances are, you already use plenty of them- Gmail, Google Drive/Documents, Hangouts- in your daily life. Google Apps for Work takes this technology, adds extra features, and puts it in the workplace, with support for, say, using Gmail with your own domain, or using Google Drive for real-time collaboration in your workplace.


RingCentral, meanwhile, is a fully-fledged cloud communications solution. Like Google Apps, RingCentral is cloud-based, but with the goal of replacing the traditional business phone. Google Apps can't act as a PBX solution, but RingCentral can with IP poen service and advanced extra features. Not only is a cloud PBX solution cheaper, but it can also be accessed from home and abroad, not just the office.


How do they work together?

Alone, these cloud services are already fairly powerful. There's a reason the cloud is taking the world of business by storm. RingCentral for Google can be integrated into Google Apps for Work. This means that the full suite of business communication is available to employees while they're working, including their business phone, fax and messaging, all without using a different application or getting up from their computers. All they need, in one app, on one device.


The benefits of integrated communication

This simplification is important. Software and technology are fairly powerful and the key to the next level of productivity, but using multiple applications, platforms and services simultaneously is taxing on computers and workers alike. Moving to the cloud means that a lot of these formerly separate things can be rolled into one, which does wonders for focus, productivity and resource management.


There's a reason that the latest trends in tech are all focused on making hardware more efficient and UIs easier to use. Being able to pick up an application and easily start using it within a few minutes is an exponential improvement compared to older days, when managing a single application was a long trial-and-error process, much less multiple simultaneously.


Streamlining multiple apps into one, simplifying their interfaces and reducing their performance footprint are prioritized by the tech industry. The cloud epitomizes this by removing expensive hardware from the equation and reducing most concerns of cost and maintenance. RingCentral for Google allows people to focus on being productive, not juggling too many things at once.


You can learn more about RingCentral.

If you're business-savvy, this all probably sounds good to you. However, any sharp businessman or businesswoman will want more than just a 600 word blog post before considering such a major change to their company's applications. To learn more about Google Apps for Work and RingCentral, you should read over our blog. In addition to these applications, we also cover some general Tech topics and other cloud/enterprise software.


To learn more about RingCentral for Google in particular, you can read RingCentral's free eBook on the topic, which discusses this in more detail while also providing other sources to research.


Finally, if you're a business or school operating in or near Austin, Texas, you can contact us at Coolhead Tech. We're experts with Google Apps for Work and Education, RingCentral and Hubspot, as well as other advanced business solutions. Contact us for a free consultation if that interests you, or call us at 512-630-2273 for a direct conversation.