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See how you can boost productivity with RingCentral for Google. [Demo on Demand]

ringcentral-demo-on-demand.pngThe primary goal of all aspects of RingCentral for Google is to implement RingCentral/cloud PBX communication features directly into the web apps offered by Google Apps. In this post, we'll discuss the most major implementations in three different Google Apps, as well as a link to a live demonstration that goes into more detail.

Gmail Implementation

The Gmail implementation of RingCentral implements a RingCentral message window to the right of the normal Gmail interface. This allows direct communication with RingCentral customers and contacts through IM, SMS and calls. Additionally, all phone numbers in Gmail turn into one-click RingCentral dials, saving you the trouble of copying and pasting numbers from messages into a dialer. This implementation allows business users to monitor their email and RingCentral from the same screen- in other words, both of their main lines of communication.


Google Drive/Documents Implementation

RingCentral for Google Drive is a little more straightforward. Basically, pdf files in Google Drive or Documents get the additional feature of sending them as a RingCentral Fax. All this requires from the user is the recipient's fax number, a selection of resolution and whether or not they want to send the cover page as well. The resulting fax is sent instantly.


Google Calendar Implementation

Finally, the Google Calendar implementation of RingCentral for Google allows the scheduling of conference calls over RingCentral. The same RingCentral interface in Gmail is still on the right side here, dialer included, but now the ability to schedule and attend RingCentral conference calls has been added to Google Calendar.


How These Benefit You

If you're reading this, chances are you don't need a pitch as to why the individual applications on display here- RingCentral and Google Apps- are good for you and your business. What you might be wondering instead is why them being implemented together matters at all.


The short version is, convenience and productivity. By simplifying a process that would otherwise require managing multiple applications, employees can enjoy all of the benefits of cloud communications and cloud office suites without changing their browser window or opening another program. Everything being in one place increases worker efficiency and saves processing power.


Live Demo And More




But we don't expect you to be a convert based on our words alone. Watch the live demo for more in-depth information on RingCentral for Google. You can also read our blog for more on the cloud, or contact us for a free consultation if you operate in or around the Austin, Texas area.