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Making Work from Home Work with RingCentral

We all know that working smarter is preferable to working harder. Employers have long valued employees who can multitask effectively. It's about time someone make a computer capable of multitasking, too. That time has come. 

RingCentral leverages cloud-based PBX services without a lot of expensive equipment simply and economically, to bring your business into the 21st Century.  With Ringcentral & Google for Work your employees working at home can benefit from the same tools as those working in the office.  Oh how we love Cool Tech! 

RingCentral Office transforms a computer and a phone into a complete cloud communication system, capable of delivering far more than these basic devices could ever accomplish alone. 


An extensive list of features ensures that your business has all the elements it needs to excel in the marketplace. From auto-receptionist to music on hold and multi-level IVR, this cutting edge technology gives the smallest company the same advantages larger firms enjoy.


By leveraging cloud-based technology, business owners can upgrade the telephone system for the optimal customer experience without investing in expensive equipment. They can monitor calls, create reports, host conference calls and more.


Laptops and cell phones operate with the same abilities as the office phone to let you run your company from wherever you are. Employees can work from home unhampered by distance from fax machines and printers. You can hold a business meeting even when key participants are across the country. 


RingCentral fully integrates with many apps critical to your operations:

  • Box integration
  • Desk.com™ integration
  • Google integration
  • Office 365™ integration
  • Oracle® Sales Cloud integration
  • Salesforce® integration
  • Zendesk® integration

You can make calls direct from the software, send faxes and review accounts all on the same screen. Your customers will enjoy seamless service without long hold times while representatives research their accounts. Wrap-up time at the end of the call will be minimal as most tasks are easily created during the call itself.


RingCentral gives the home worker all of the tools necessary to function as efficiently from home as in the office. By enabling him to attend meetings, access files, send and receive faxes and so much more, he can provide stellar customer service without limitations. He can enjoy the reduction in travel expenses, wardrobe expense and more while you enjoy the increase to your own bottom line.

RingCentral brings working smarter to exciting new levels as your phone system starts multitasking as efficiently as your employees. Contact us for more information about this dynamic innovation.