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5 Ways RingCentral's Contact Center App makes your Call Center Software Obsolete.

update-call-center-now.jpgIf you have an active call center and a solution that's more than 4 years old, it's time to upgrade to a cloud based solution that's significantly more powerful and provides signficant cost savings.

A call center not only enhances the look and feel of your business, it also helps grow your sales and there’s no better way to achieve that than with call center software, especially when your prefer to keep your phone calls in-house. Unlike outsourced call centers, call center software makes it easier for you and your staff to answer phone calls, and get your customers through to the right person.

Therefore, using call center software will save you time, improve customer satisfaction, and increase workplace productivity. Today, the focus is on the five features of RingCentral's Contact Center, the best call center software you can have for your business.


What’s RingCentral Contact Center?


Powered by inContact, RingCentral Call Center is a cloud-based call management system, whose primary focus is to make office communications not only easier, but also less complicated.

RingCentral's Calling Center offers several distinctive plans based upon your needs and budget, namely:

  • Standard - Basic for small businesses

  • Premium - Advanced for Mid-Size businesses

  • Enterprise - Ultimate for the enterprise

The call center app is available through a web-based subscription. As such, it's browser agnostic and can support call center agents based in different locations.


The Five Most Notable Features of RingCentral's Call Center Solution:


RingCentral Call Center software is a complete, innovate solution that’ll enhance the efficiency of your call center, thanks to its cutting-edge features that include:


1.   Advanced Routing

With its interactive voice response (IVR) system, RingCentral Contact Center minimizes your per-interaction cost by allowing customers to choose the kind of help they want. This allows for native support for automated speech recognition, as well as text-to-speech in multiple languages augmenting customer satisfaction. There are also issues that customers can solve by themselves, including account inquiries and bill pay. This way, your agents are free to deal with issues that are more complex.



2.   Queuing and Distribution

Call Center features modern skills based automated call distribution engine, otherwise referred to as the ACD engine. The ACD engine has multichannel capabilities and automatic call-back support, which promptly matches requests in your queue to the best-suited agents to handle the problem. The ACD engine also has native support for voice, SMS, chat, and email, and allow your customers to choose their preferred mode of interaction. This translates to more efficient call resolution, more contented customers, as well as a lower total cost of ownership.


3.   Analytics and Reporting

With its flexible, user-friendly analytics, RingCentral presents you with key contact center metrics that empower you to make crucial business decisions. The reporting options include:

  • Prebuilt Reports

  • Custom-Created Reports

  • Ad-Hoc Reporting


With up-to-the-minute information presented through easily customizable dashboards, this call center software equips you with all you need to address customer needs promptly.


4.   Third-Party Integration

This software helps you merge customer data to your contact center, thanks to its out-of-the-box Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration. You can simply pull customer information from major CRM platforms or from your own custom solution. By connecting data in your contact center with your CRM information, your agents are able to handle massive call volumes quickly and efficiently.


5.   Outbound Calling Methods

This feature ensures that no revenue opportunity is passed. Outbound calling enables activities such as sales, fund-raising, collections, as well as customer outreach. The outbound dialer supports every kind of dialing method, including:

  • Predictive Dialing Method

  • Preview Dialing Method

  • Progressive Dialing Method


RingCentral’s intelligent call suppression is in line with government regulations. In case there is a sudden upsurge of inbound call volumes, your system can optionally reassign outbound call agents to inbound queues automatically.




Every serious business needs a call center, the best option being a call center software as opposed to an outsourced call center service. RingCentral Call Center app stands out as the best call center software. It securely delivers top-quality voice, text, conferencing, and fax service for every business, regardless of size, location, equipment, or budget.

This cloud-based business communication solution is much easier to manage and more flexible compared to the on-premise PBX phone systems. It adapts to the distinctive needs of each business, as it works across multiple locations, with softphones, desk phones, and smartphones. It also integrates with several other cloud applications. RingCentral instantly scales your customer–base while expanding the system all while avoiding unnecessary hardware and maintenance expenses. Besides empowering end users, the system’s unique click/tap interface also minimizes IT workload and maximizes productivity and user satisfaction.