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Ringcentral Contact Center's Automatic Call Distributor is a Crowd Pleaser


RingCentral is one of the best VoIP providers for enterprises. With its numerous features, RingCentral has provided cloud business communications solutions for over 10 years. The company's cloud unified system has helped businesses stay connected to customers through voice, text, and video conferencing. Integrated with RingCentral Office, the contact center solution is an app with the flexibility and speed for communication inside and outside the organization.


Here's How RingCentral ACD Benefits Call Centers

Queuing and distribution in a call center is directly related to productivity, customer satisfaction, and call resolution. RingCentral's ACD feature enhances call center operation. The ACD engine's multichannel capability and callback support allows callers to be matched with the right agents faster.


  • Routing - The routing feature manages callers in queue. Instead of a frustrated caller waiting endlessly to be routed to an agent, the ACD automatically searches for agents based on their availability and proficiency. The caller is then connected to the best available agent. This allows the caller to receive a response from a knowledgeable agent quickly. For high-value clients, the ACD engine can be configured to recognize them and route them to a priority client queue. With the addition of skills-based routing, callers with specific issues will be connected to a specialized agent.
  • Increased Customer Options - With digital communication being commonplace, customers are now utilizing many channels to interact with companies. The engine's multichannel routing ability gives customers the option of contacting the business through chat, SMS, voice, email social media, or web calls. A unified queue makes sure every query is connected appropriately.
  • Call-back Feature - When face with long-wait times, customers have the option of keeping their spot in queue and getting a call back at a later time.
  • Call Monitoring - Maintaining call quality is important to continue providing good service to customers. RingCentral has several features for call monitoring. Supervisors can listen in on calls discretely through spy mode. In whisper mode, managers can speak to agents directly without the caller being aware. This doubles as a coaching feature for new employees. There is even a barge-in option, allowing agents to take over calls for one another.
  • Unified Workforce - RingCentral operates on a cloud based delivery model which gives you the option of making a distributed workforce. At-home agents and call center agents appear together as one large contact center, providing increased flexibility in the event of an emergency at the physical call center.
  • Flexibility and Scalability - With a unified workforce, call centers can operate from any physical location. The cloud based model mentioned above let's businesses weather traffic and seasonal fluctuations.
  • Intuitive Interface - The app is easy and intuitive for call center employees to use. Since all contact types are presented in one interface, agents are more productive as toggling between screens is reduced. Supervisors and admins manage agents, campaigns, skills, point of contacts through the ACD portal.


RingCentral ACD is a call center solution that connects costumers and businesses. No matter how or why customers choose to make contact, ACD's engine allows contact centers to provide quick and differentiated customer service.