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RNG is the new PBX with RingCentral for Google

Many different types of business application are migrating to the cloud due to cost effectiveness and accessibility advantages. More and more businesses are finding that VoIP telephone service is the best solution for handling not only their company's phone communication needs, but also conferencing, scheduling, faxing, and a variety of additional functions.

With RingCentral for Google, companies can combine the advantages of a cloud-based VoIP system with all of the conveniences offered by Google for Work Apps. In combinations, RingCentral and Google can seamlessly handle just about every office task you and your staff members need to carry out to keep your company in business.

Why is RingCentral for Google the obvious choice for companies looking for a PBX handled via the cloud? Consider the following factors:


  1. Versatility of Ringcentral Apps & Devices

  2. A traditional phone line could never match the versatility offered by VoIP. With the seamless features offered by RingCentral, employees can connect using a wide variety of devices and can seamlessly switch between devices- even in the middle of a call. Seamless communication is not only offered when employees are communicating with outside parties, but also when individuals within the company are communicating with one another. Hangouts accessibility is a great advantage of RingCentral for Google, allowing companies to use this free Google application for group conversation and conferencing capabilities that keep coworkers connected even when they're away from the office. 
  3. Unified Communication

  4. One of the major benefits of IP PBX is the ability to access messages and make calls using a business phone number even when users are traveling. RingCentral for Google offers smartphone app accessibility so that users can access their business numbers using their smartphones. This is not only perfect for companies with employees who tend to do a lot of traveling, but also for employees who enjoy taking advantage of BYOD policies. 
  5. Cost Effectiveness of a Cloud PBX

  6. The cost advantages of VoIP are becoming increasingly more pronounced. Unlike a traditional phone connection service, VoIP providers like RingCenter offer a wide variety of options in their service capabilities. RingCentral offers a Standard, Premium, and Enterprise plan, and even these plans themselves are adjusted depending on how many users a given company has. Companies can select from among these programs depending on their size and needs. There are also a great deal of add on features that companies can use or forego like additional numbers, vanity numbers, a Global Office license, or international numbers. 
  7. Integration Possibilities of RingCentral's Powerful API

  8. By now, there are a lot of different VoIP service providers out there. But not all of them are able to offer the extensive integration features of RingCentral. Not only can RingCentral integrate with Google, but it can also integrate with many other programs including Microsoft Office Suite applications and Dropbox. RingCentral for Google is especially useful for many companies that sign up with RingCentral because Google Apps are themselves cloud based, making RingCentral integrated with Google the perfect product for companies looking to do as much of their work as possible using the cloud. 

It seems likely that cloud based PBX will become more popular among companies operating in a wide variety of industries. As word gets out about the cloud's advantages, RingCentral is working on offering more capabilities and options that allow companies to custom design their own plans based on their unique structure, needs, and preferences.

As one of the leading innovators of VoIP business phone service, RingCentral has already expanded around the world and established itself as a pioneer in business phone technology.