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Ringcentral Contact Center Propels the Customer Experience with HQ Speech Analytics

monitor-customer-service-speech-analytics.jpegAdvanced speech analytics provide a cost-effective option when it comes to intelligence tools for contact centers. The product makes it easy to increase customer satisfaction and maximize agent efficiency. It is undoubtedly a game-changer designed to suit the needs of both small and large contact centers. The solution eliminates the need to hire specialists or deploy expensive hardware. The analytic data is delivered through a cloud-based solution

The sophisticated intelligence tool goes beyond monitoring and measuring agent performance. It provides access to larger samples of data aimed at driving better decisions. This helps companies gain a competitive advantage by improving business processes, services and products.


RingCentral Analytics-Driven Quality (ADQ)

RingCentral Analytics-Driven Quality allows you to gain valuable insights from client interactions. The solution takes advantage of unstructured audio files to provide an easy way to capture and evaluate interactions. The tool extracts insights based on client behavior indicators.

The capability enables you to better manage operational performance and costs, which helps boost revenue and ultimately the company's bottom line. The product forms part of the RingCentral suite. It gives your organization access to a unified solution designed to help monitor quality and performance. In addition, the suite offers software and services for coaching (through eLearning) and workforce management.

How RingCentral ADQ works

  • Detect customer emotion by analyzing tone and pitch as well as audio translation

  • Implement target coaching for agents using KPI-driven monitoring.

  • Ensure efficiency by automating call queues using Shared Smart Inbox

  • The tool monitors and quantifies largest call drivers

  • Relies on speech detection to identify client needs and concerns

  • Targeted monitoring focuses on key or custom call categories with the greatest impact on your organization

  • Measures compliance

  • Boosts sampling

The insights you gather from the analytics can be filtered into the smart inbox. The feature is designed to help you select key data that requires increased focus. Your team can share an inbox when working on the same recordings. This is a practical way to enhance call monitoring efficiency. Also, it helps improve productivity through better collaboration.


The Complete Range of RingCentral ADQ and quality monitoring functionality:


You can leverage the power of RingCentral Quality Monitoring and Lesson Management to create a collection of best practices. To achieve this objective, you use the Content Producer tool to create a library based on the insights from the recordings. Once the libraries are created, Lesson Management's eLearning feature delivers the quality monitoring evaluations and scorecard results to your staff.


The RingCentral Quality Monitoring tool allows you to create tailored forms for the scorecards. Automated score calculation provides various operational benefits, including facilitating quality metric calibration, improving supervisor productivity and streamlining contact center productivity measurements.


You organization enjoys access to role-appropriate scorecards that show accurate agent performance metrics. RingCentral Quality Monitoring comes with a broad range of predefined key performance indicators, which can be tailored to suit specific objectives.


The service also offers a viable solution for tracking, scheduling and delivering coaching. The functionality allows you to incorporate an employee's KPIs and quality evaluation scores.

Administration and reporting

To achieve more detailed analysis of operations, you can use ad-hoc queries, preconfigured or standard reports.

The combination of the above functionality and “voice of the customer” intelligence creates real value for businesses. The ability to detect and inform managers about key interactions takes the analytical power of the tool to a new level. It enables managers to respond quickly to operational issues.