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Summer Program in Google Apps Brings Texas Businesses, Students and Cloud Tech Together

apps-admin-9Students in Texas planning to attend college in the Austin area are invited to apply for a paid summer internship as a Google Apps Administrator. For the fourth year in a row Coolhead Tech will teach and train local college students in Google Apps Administration.  A selected student receives a scholarship for Apps Admin classes and a weekly stipend for Google Apps work-study with local businesses.   Successful students are invited to work throughout the fall semester and take the Google Apps Certified Administrator Exam offered by Google.

College Student Success Stories Born in the Cloud.

Aaron Wilson, a graduate of The University of Texas, is one of these Coolhead Tech internship success stories from 2013. At Coolhead, he developed scripts in "Python .cgi"  to access the Google Apps Reseller console with the Google API (application programming interface). When Coolhead was in a pinch, Aaron also helped with web development, Javascript and deployments. Now he's embarked on a career as a programmer in New York City, armed with the confidence and skills he earned at UT and at his Coolhead Tech internship in Austin.

aaron-at-chicon-collective"I had taken all of the tech courses provided for me in high school but never any computer science." But he realized that was where his interests lay, so he looked at his options. He was reluctant to pursue a programming internship because he didn't think he had what it took. He says taking "menial jobs" instead was a mistake.

Google Certification and Real World Validation

Brian Haley grew up in Waco, Texas and became a Summer Intern in Apps Admin while he was a student at Austin Community College between 2013 and 2014.  Brian continued with the program working with Austin's leading custom home builder, Gossett Jones Homes.  At GJHLife Brian specialized in Google Drive for Work deployment and Administration.  Now Brian specializes in both Drive for Work and Google Apps Script, writing custom Google Apps automations for Google customers around the world.

Shortly after it was introduced, Brian was among the first to earn Google Certification in Apps Administration.   In 2014 Brian earned a paid trip to Googleplex - he trained directly at Google's headquarters in California.  Now he's considering a position in Washington D.C. as the Google Apps Certified Administrator for a Presidential Campaign. 

Apps Admin is S.T.E.M. and then some.

Brittni was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, the "City by the Bay"—although she calls it more of a "sleepy town" by the bay. Growing up, Brittni was always writing stories, usually fiction and science fiction. She had a passion for writing. That's why she went into journalism and advertising when she headed off to college.

"Bobcat Country" was calling to her, but she was on the fence about what to do. She spoke with one of her professors, who suggested she go with what she truly wanted.

"It was then when I realized that this was my future I was determining. My answer was Texas State—the best decision I could make. It was first step to somewhere greater."

coolhead-internsWhen the time came for her to get an internship, she attended the fall 2012 internship fair at Texas State in San Marcos run by Campus2Careers. She gathered her freshly-printed resumes, nervous and excited and not knowing what to expect.

Brittni began working at Coolhead Tech, writing blogs about Google Apps and other business apps and running the social media campaigns.

"The thing I loved about interning with Coolhead Tech is that I was learning while earning a weekly stipend. I began to take HubSpot classes, learning more about inbound marketing. Learning how to effectively use HubSpot to connect clients is the coolest thing I learned while interning. It's all about strategy, and it is a great feeling to see the business reap the rewards from the work and ideas you put in."

Leading the Way to Process Tansformation in 2015

Many Google Apps customers spend the majority of their initial time and effort during deployment ensuring that users are functional using Google messaging tools such as Mail and Calendar. While this is important work, replacing one email system for another can’t really be considered ‘transformational’. The real opportunity to drive process, business and cultural transformation within an organisation will come when employees use the full power of Google Apps and identify new ways of collaborating internally and with customers.  Interns help bridge the age gap in technology by bringing fresh ideas to the workplace.

apps-admin-class-in-austinWe met Mr. Gray, Google Apps Certified Administrator for St. Stephen's Episcopal School in West Austin, at a sponsored event 2013 and we’ve been working together to deliver Apps Admin courses to prepare students for Google's Certification Exam.  Brian teaches the summer Google Apps Certified Administrator course.  Brian is also a teacher over at St. Stephen's and has been a member of the faculty there for the past ten years.

Apps Admin Grads and Interns from Texas State like Najib Momin and Jules Kabamba are providing leadership in business transformation by inspiring and building solutions with business context.

Today the summer internship program for Google Apps brings business, education, people, processes, and technology together, transforming the way we work. Students participate and lead this 1/2 Day guided workshop.   Teams look at current business processes, brainstorm and build prototypes using Google for Work and Cloud solutions, and walk away with a roadmap to long-term innovation.

Students support the business transformation and growth throughout the school year as Google Certified Administrators, Apps Script Programmers, Corporate Use Trainers and Consultants. As Google Apps Administrators interns support businesses from fifty to five hundred.

Now is the time for you to decide what priority process transformation should be for your organization.    Move from transition to transformation and support student interns working towards Google Apps Certification. 

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